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Identifying stinging insect infestations in New Jersey is crucial, especially for households with vulnerable members like children, the elderly, or those with medical conditions. Regularly inspecting outdoor areas, particularly decks and patios, is essential as outdoor infestations can quickly become indoor problems.

At Cowleys Pest Services, we have licensed, trained technicians with the proper protective equipment and the right products to treat infestations safely in Edison, Somerset, Lakewood, and nearby in New Jersey. Call 1-855-239-9059 or click below to schedule a free estimate today!

The Dangers of Stinging Insects

Stinging insects pose a significant medical risk as their stings can elicit various adverse reactions. While some individuals may experience localized pain, itching, and swelling, others could suffer from severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylactic shock, necessitating urgent medical attention.

Removing stinging insects and their nests is hazardous. It's crucial not to underestimate the potential harm caused by a swarm of agitated bees or wasps. Annually, hundreds of thousands of individuals seek emergency medical treatment due to severe reactions to insect stings.

Common Bees in New Jersey

Honeybees and bumblebees are two of the most common social bees in New Jersey. Carpenter bees and digger bees are two of the most common solitary bees. Bees, especially honeybees, are valuable pollinators and are essential for many of our crops and plants.

Common Wasps and Hornets in New Jersey

Social wasps and hornets are common in New Jersey, including highly aggressive yellowjackets, paper wasps, bald-faced hornets, and European hornets. The two most common solitary wasps are cicada killers and mud daubers.

How Do Stinging Insects Enter Your Home?

Bees and wasps enter homes through open windows or doors, cracks in siding or masonry work, and torn window screens. If you see them entering through a crack or crevice, don't seal their entry point before making sure they are eliminated or you may be trapping them inside your home.

Why Hire Professionals for Bee Removal

Ensure your safety and protect legally safeguarded honeybee hives while effectively eliminating pests by relying on the expertise of Cowleys Pest Services.

Commonly used over-the-counter sprays for bees and wasps pose risks and are only effective when directly applied to the nest. Without promptly and thoroughly eliminating the nest, you remain vulnerable to potentially life-threatening injuries. Trust our professionals for comprehensive pest control solutions.

Our specialists can assess your pest problem and recommend viable solutions. To learn more about our bee and wasp removal services or to schedule a free estimate in Edison, Somerset, Lakewood, Bridgewater, Brick, Toms River, Old Bridge, Middletown, Princeton Junction, Piscataway, and nearby in New Jersey, call 1-855-239-9059 or contact us online today!

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