Where do Carpenter Ants Build Their Nests?

Wood Structures

Carpenter ants typically establish their nests within wooden structures, showing a preference for moist wood with decaying fungi, although they can also inhabit dry, sound wood. These nests are not limited to one area but can be found throughout various parts of a structure, including porch pillars, window framing, roofs, siding, and support timbers. Additionally, nests have been discovered in unexpected places such as cabinet drawers, behind bookshelves, in hollow doors, and even stored cardboard boxes. Buildings without basements and those near wooded areas are particularly vulnerable to infestation. Identifying and targeting these nesting sites is crucial for effective pest control measures.

Non-Wood Structures: Insulation, Hot Tubs, and Dishwashers

Carpenter ants demonstrate a versatility in their choice of nesting materials beyond wood. Insulation, such as rigid foam insulation commonly found between pressed wood or drywall, and fiberglass batt insulation used in attics and walls, are susceptible to infestation. Homes featuring open beams and cathedral ceilings are particularly vulnerable to carpenter ant infestations due to the abundance of suitable nesting sites.

Additionally, structures like hot tubs, with their wooden exteriors and insulation made of foam or fiberglass, are attractive to carpenter ants because of the warmth and moisture they provide. Even household appliances like dishwashers, with their insulated interiors and moisture retention, can become harboring grounds for carpenter ants, especially if nests are established nearby. Addressing localized infestations near appliances like dishwashers is a task well-suited for professional pest control services, ensuring effective resolution of the problem.

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