Where do Carpenter Ants Build Their Nests?

Wood Structures

Carpenter ants normally nest in wood structures. They prefer moist wood that contains decaying fungi, but will also nest in dry sound wood. Their nests can be found throughout a structure: porch pillars, support timbers, window framing and sills, roofs, shingles, siding, girders, joists, studs, and casings of houses, garages, and other buildings. Nests have also been found in chest and cabinet drawers, behind books in bookshelves, in hollow doors, below bay or box windows, under bathtubs and showers, stored cardboard boxes, ceiling voids around skylights, and hollow ceiling beams. Frame buildings without basements and structures near wooded areas are most susceptible to attack.

Non-Wood Structures: Insulation, Hot Tubs, and Dishwashers

Carpenter ants also infest material other than wood. They readily infest insulation such as rigid foam insulation found between pressed wood or drywall and fiberglass batt insulation used in attics, walls, and cathedral ceilings. Homes with open beams and cathedral ceilings are especially prone to infestation. Hot tubs, with their wood exterior and foam of fiberglass insulation, are a favorite site for carpenter ants because of the warmth and moisture. In some respects, a dishwasher, as an unvented appliance, is like a hot tub or sauna for your bowls, plates, and silverware. It has insulation and retains moisture, the perfect environment for attracting carpenter ants. If carpenter ants have nested near your dishwasher, this localized problem is an easy infestation problem for a pest control professional to remedy.

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