Tick Reduction Program

What is Cowleys Tick Reduction Program?

What is Cowleys Tick Reduction Program?Ticks carry and transmit infectious pathogens (bacteria) into other living organisms. Cowleys Tick Reduction Program minimizes the likelihood of tick entry into your yard by specifically treating the areas throughout your property known to harbor ticks. 

Application: We dispense a low-grade adulticide through our Mist-Blower Treatment to tumble leaf litter and coat all sides of leaves and exposed dirt to control ticks. The air stream creates movement of leaves and small branches to ensure coverage of the entire surface area. Treatment is expanded beneath decks and structural overhangs. The product dries much faster and is therefore more effective than “power spraying” or liquid backpack spraying which soaks surfaces. We apply low-grade granules to leaf litter beds and wooded areas within 5-10 feet of grass for greater protection. 

Effective Control: Treated leaf litter and brush areas see reduction in and eradication of ticks.

*This reduction program treats for Mosquitoes as well. A two-for-one value!

Tick Service Protocol

1) Conduct Property Analysis   

      • Conduct a thorough analysis of the property to determine the activity level of ticks
      • Design the treatment plan based upon the landscape design of your property as well as the overall environment surrounding the property

2) Determine Targeted Treatment Areas

      • Treat only the areas where ticks are present, instead of the traditional method of treating the entire property

3)  Schedule Optimum Number of Treatments

      • Initial treatment in April.
      • Monthly treatments April - October
      • The timing between treatments is important to properly control ticks

4) Additional Recommendations for Your Property

      • Keep grass and weeds well trimmed (less than 2”)
      • Avoid walking along grass lines and forest lines
      • Avoid walking in forested areas and meadows
      • Avoid walking your dog in known tick infested areas
      • Wear long pants, light colored clothing and pull socks overpant legs when in areas where ticks are likely to occur
      • Inspect yourself for ticks when you return home from spending time in areas where ticks are likely to occur
      • Tick repellents are available for use on your pet or your clothing when entering tick-infested areas


Tick prevention should begin as early as April, but will control ticks effectively if started anytime before Autumn.

Ticks become active early in the Spring and remain active until early Fall. To schedule a consultation, Cowleys Pest Services is your local resource. We proudly serve Lakewood, Somerset, Edison, Brick, Toms River, Piscataway, Bridgewater, Middletown, Princeton Junction, Old Bridge and nearby New Jersey. Contact us today.

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