What is Cowleys Stink Bug Program?

Middlesex County Stink Bug Control Program 

What is Cowley's Stink Bug Reduction Program?

roofStink Bugs overwinter in structures starting in late summer and early fall. They are attracted to UV Light, cause damage to plants, flowers, and fruits. Stink Bugs prefer the Southwest side of the house and will emerge in spring looking for food.

Stink Bugs enter a structure through the soffits, eaves, siding, windows, doors, roof shingles, attic vents, and fireplaces. They prefer a brick house or house with siding and leave a pheromone to direct themselves and future offspring back to their preferred harborage (Your Home).

Stink Bug Service Protocol

1) Treat the Exterior

  • Exterior residual treatment
    - Using a repellent Insecticide
    - Start by spraying higher areas first then lower level areas
  • Seal and caulk where applicable

2) Treat the Interior Areas

  • Higher areas first – attics and upper-level home areas
  • Interior treatments

3) Treat the Attic Areas

  • Utilize Insect Light Traps (ILT) and Ultraviolet (UV) Fly Lights in the attic areas*
  • Utilize Nuvan/Prozap Vapona Strips as needed
    - Using a non-repellant insecticide
    - Dusting walls – especially around window/door areas

4) Additional Recommendations for Homes

  • Remove foliage adjacent to home perimeter including leaves and weeds
  • Turn off perimeter lights at night or change type of bulbs
  • Remove potted plants and flowers that are near the house and plan companion plants around home
  • Screen windows, doors and other structural areas

* (Please note:  There must be separate electrical outlet available and you cannot use an extension cord with any ILT Fly Light. Depending on Stink Bug intensity, additional glueboards surrounding the ILT and UV Fly Light may be recommended to capture wandering Stink Bugs)

Stink Bug Service Schedule

The following services are included with Cowleys Annual Stink Bug Reduction Program

  • Late August/Early September
    Initial Exterior & Interior Treatment
    Installation of Insect Light Trap UV Flylight 
  • October/Early November
    Follow-Up Inspection
    Second Exterior Treatment if Required
    Vacuuming if Applicable
  • Late March/Early April
    Spring Exterior Treatment

To learn more about stink bugs and the Reduction Program, contact Cowleys Pest Services. We offer treatment and extermination services in Somerset, Edison, Lakewood, Bridgewater, Brick, Toms River, Old Bridge, Middletown, Princeton Junction, Piscataway and nearby New Jersey.

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