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Before and After Pictures from Hopewell
Raccoons going in and out of storm drain in Hopewell, NJ

Raccoons going in and out of storm drain in Hopewell, NJ

Before After
Raccoons going in and out of storm drain in Hopewell, NJ Raccoons going in and out of storm drain in Hopewell, NJ

These homeowners in Hopewell, NJ. found themselves with a raccoon infestation on their property. While the raccoons did not make their way inside the home, it is stressful even to see these large animals scavenging around your property. Here, they were crawling in and out of storm drains around because the grates had a gap that was large enough for the raccoons to gain access. 

Wildlife has a way of exploiting weaknesses in a structure in order to gain entry. Often, its water-saturated, rotting fascia, soffit boards, or roof shingles. Other times, the weakness is a structural opening like chimneys or storm drains that do not have an adequate protective covering to block access. For this homeowner, I installed six storm grate covers that would keep out raccoons and other larger wildlife from entering the drains. I’m confident that by blocking these gaps, the raccoons will move off the property to find another home.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get a good before image, so here we show a typical open storm drain.

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Groundhog removal needed
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Crawl space insulation
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Ant infestation Very serious
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Hi, I'm in the process of buying a house and the home inspector found a small amount of insect damage in the basement. I'm wondering if you could give me a very rough, ballpark estimate for what it would cost to treat an average-sized basement. I don't need an exact number; I just want to make sure it would be covered by the credit the sellers are offering for it. A few hundred bucks? More than a thousand? Please email me, as I'm at work and won't be able to answer the phone. Thanks!
Project Location: Hopewell, NJ
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