We are always looking for extraordinary super stars to join our team!

Guided by our 7 core values- we think outside the box and see our coworkers as friends.

Cowleys Pest Services voted NJBiz's Top 2021 Best Places to work!

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Our Vision

Protecting properties at the highest level while keeping our clients safe and worry free.

Our Mission

To Build A Winning Team That Delivers Exceptional Service & Consistently Exceeds Clients Expectations.

Our Values

Integrity: We do what we say and more! Team Work: We all win together as a team! Leadership: We are leaders in our personal and professional lives. Respect: We respect people, their homes and our workplace. Pride: We take care of ourselves, our environment and our work. Learning: Getting better all the time! Communication: Consistent communication amongst ourselves & our clients.


It's more than a just a job!

Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.

What began as a tight-knit family business has expanded to more than 35 full-time employees, servicing over 10,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the state of New Jersey. Still, we have maintained that same familial feeling as we've expanded and grown over the years while becoming a top leader in pest control services and extermination. While our community knows us a pest control company, we think of ourselves as something more. We stay true to our company values and pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service at all time. Cowleys has been described as a lot of things.. "an adventure," "a second family," "too good to be true,"... all the makings of a healthy company culture. You have to be a part of it to truly believe it.

Cowleys is Hiring!

We're looking for superstars to join our family!

What Our Employees Think

Scott Dellett, ACE

NWCOA Certified Wildlife Control & Christmas Decor Supervisor

I've been here over fifteen years and have no plans on ever going elsewhere. This company has always felt like a second family and everyone I work with has always been there for each other-- whether it is work or personal related. You just don't find that in many companies.

Jim Regan, ACE

Technical Onboarding Specialist/Quality Control

I've been working with Cowleys Pest services for well over a decade and it's been a great experience. The family atmosphere Is the driving force behind my desire to continue growing with Cowleys.

Kevin Vernon

Senior Pest Control Technician

I have been in the industry for a long time. I've worked in a company that treated you like a number and did not invest in their empoyees. At Cowleys, I feel appreciated from the owners and the management! We have the opportunity to advance by obtaining new licenses and certifications. Cowleys is a company where you can grow.

Carl Vogel

Commercial Service Supervisor

I knew I wanted to work at Cowleys since it has always been known as a reputable company. I am proud to work here becuase the company stays true to its values- integrity, leadership, teamwork, pride and we are learning all the time to be the best we can be. Cowleys has helped me become a better leader. I have been in the pest control field for over 30 years and I am still learning.

Tamara Mooney

Director of Human Resources/Appointment Center Manager

I found "home" when I started working at Cowleys. I immediately knew I found my right fit and couldn't be happier upon my first few days of work. As unconventional as our office is-- I wouldn't want to work anywhere else! Everyone is so easy going and helpful. This company truly stand up to their values.

Peter Kriz

NWCOA Certified Advanced Wildlife Control Operator

Cowleys is a top notch company that cares about each individual. I was looking for a position in the wildlife field since I like the biological aspect of animals. My position allows me to work individually as well as part of a team. I am proud to work at Cowleys becuase of the reputation of the company, the total team, career growth and personal development.

Jessica Maldonado

Appointment Center Representative

The favorite part of my role at Cowleys is the environment and the people I work with. Not many people can say they "want" to go to work and have fun doing it. We all work together and have great team work. Management is great and takes pride in the importance of training and continued training and education in all divisions of the company.

Donyelle Scull

Appointment Center Representative

I love that this job isn't monotonous and that there is always something to do. I love being busy and the fact that I am continuing to learn daily. I feel that with the help of my co-workers and manager, that I have been able to jump in and help out the way I should. Everyone here is very helpful and I really enjoy the company of the people I work with. The culture at Cowleys is a fun and playful atmosphere, but at the same time we all have our roles. We all help each other in any way possible to make sure that the tasks at hand get done and they get done right.