Controlling Cockroaches in New Jersey


Controlling Cockroaches

Baits are effective for long-term control of cockroaches unless the cockroaches have other available food sources.

Bait products are the primary pesticides used to treat cockroach infestations. They can be packaged as pastes, gels, granules or dust. The particular bait, many of which are available only to licensed pest control professionals, depends on various factors to be assessed. Most insecticides used in baits are slow acting. Consequently, an effective bait program does not give immediate results but may take a week or longer. Baits are effective for long-term control of cockroaches unless the cockroaches have other available food sources.

Baits are especially effective because they don’t disperse by themselves. Rather, the cockroaches do most of the work by eating the bait and returning to where the other cockroaches have gathered. When they defecate, the other cockroaches then eat the poisoned feces and eventually die.


Pesticide spray products are registered for use on cockroaches and may temporarily suppress populations but they do not provide long-term solutions and are not generally recommended. One of the major problems with spraying is that it is not localized and that becomes a problem in food preparation areas. Sprays don’t just go into cracks and crevices – they go everywhere, potentially spreading and covering food and food contact surfaces. In addition, this type of treatment kills only cockroaches near the surface, not those that have hidden down deep. Spraying can actually increase cockroach populations. Flushing agents with the spray can cause the cockroaches to spread to previously uninfected areas. Additionally, spraying does not penetrate egg cases to kill eggs.

When those eggs hatch, the baby cockroaches have plenty of room and food to thrive. However, there is one effective type of spray in controlling roach infestations: insect growth regulators (IRGs). These sprays arrest the insect’s development at a stage before it can reproduce.
There are other steps in controlling roaches that should be discussed with your pest control professional. What works with cockroaches does not necessarily work with other pests and what works with some species of cockroaches does not work as well with others. A knowledgeable and experienced pest control professional can determine the most effective way of eliminating a stubborn roach infestation with no guessing or wasted time.

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