Controlling Cockroaches in New Jersey


Controlling Cockroaches

Baits are effective for long-term control of cockroaches unless the cockroaches have other available food sources.

Bait products serve as the primary pesticides for treating cockroach infestations, available in forms such as pastes, gels, granules, or dust. The selection of bait depends on several factors, typically assessed by licensed pest control professionals. Most insecticides within baits act slowly, leading to gradual results over a week or more. Despite the delay, baits offer effective long-term control of cockroaches, provided they lack alternative food sources.

Baits are especially effective because they don’t disperse by themselves. Rather, the cockroaches do most of the work by eating the bait and returning to where the other cockroaches have gathered. When they defecate, the other cockroaches then eat the poisoned feces and eventually die.


One significant drawback of spraying is its lack of localization, posing risks in food preparation areas. Sprays disperse widely, potentially contaminating food and food contact surfaces. Moreover, they only affect cockroaches near the surface, leaving hidden ones untouched and potentially increasing populations. Flushing agents in sprays can also spread cockroaches to new areas, while failing to penetrate egg cases to eliminate eggs.

However, insect growth regulators (IGRs) present an effective spray option for controlling roach infestations. These sprays halt insect development before reproduction can occur.

For comprehensive roach control, it's crucial to discuss other strategies with your pest control professional. Different approaches may be needed for different cockroach species, and expertise is essential in devising an effective solution tailored to your specific infestation. Consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced pest control professional ensures an efficient and targeted approach, minimizing guesswork and wasted time./p>

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