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Each year, termites cause billions of dollars in property damage. This damage typically isn't covered by homeowners insurance, making the cost come out of pocket. This is why proper termite control is a must.

Offering dependable pest control services for more than 25 years, Cowleys Pest Services offers top-of-the-line termite control & prevention solutons, so that you can rest assured that your New Jersey home is protected from termite damage.

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How can Cowleys eliminate termites from your home?

At Cowleys Pest Services, we care about your family's health and property as well as our environment. Our expertise in termite extermination and control combined with the most trusted and advanced termite treatment products available ensure that you're getting the best immediate and long-term termite control & protection for your home.

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Termites are covered under our Platinum Residential Service Plan

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If termites return within 90 days after the final inspection, we'll retreat your home at no extra cost. If we can't solve your termite problem within 90 days after the last inspection, we'll refund your last service payment.

Signs of a Termite Infestation:

  • Swarmers (young winged termites), or their discarded wings near windowsills and doors (especially in early springtime).
  • Mud tubes built by subterranean termites between the soil and any wooden part of the structure. Mud tubes are typically found near the home's foundaton.
  • Blistered pieces of wood or wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Uneven or bubbling paint.
  • Wood-colored droppings that look like sawdust.

Answers to Your Termite Questions

  • What do termites look like?

    Closeup of a termite

    Termites are small, soft-bodied, and usually pale-colored. The antennae are relatively short, straight, and thread-like or beadlike. Flying forms have two pairs of wings of equal length. The wings are often much longer than the body; however, short-winged forms also occur. Unlike ants, termites never have a constricted “waist” or elbowed antennae.

    Often, homeowners first encounter termites when the young reproductives swarm from the nest. The first question homeowners want to resolve is what they dealing with – termites or flying ants.

  • What is the difference between a termite and a flying ant?

    Termite versus flying ant

    People often confuse swarming termites with flying ants. There are distinctive differences, however. In order to discern a termite from a winged ant, compare the visual biological differences:

    Ants have a narrow, wasp-like waist (more "cinched" in the middle of the body). Termites do not have a defined waist. Ant wings are about equal to the body size, with the fore and hind wings of unequal length. Termites have four wings of equal length that are nearly twice as long as their bodies. Ant antennae are L-shaped, with a "bend," while termite antennae are straight.

  • How do termites get into your home?

    Because termites need moisture and have a low tolerance to air and light, they live underground, attacking a home from below. Here's how:

    Diagram of termites building mud tubes

    By building ingenious mud tubes, termites can cross many feet of concrete, brick, cinder block, treated wood, or metal termite shields, making it possible to reach the upper floors of a structure.


    Termites eat wood from the inside out, avoiding detection for years while doing extensive damage.

  • What are termites?

    Termite damage

    Termites are social insects that live in organized colonies similar to a beehive. Termite nests are highly-structured communities where termites are split into two major groups according to their reproductive ability. The sterile termites are wingless blind workers and soldiers who stay underground to do the heavy lifting such as foraging and nest-building. Termites are often called "white ants" because of their pale color.

    Termites are grouped according to what they eat: grass-eating, subterranean, soil-feeding, drywood, and dampwood termites. Subterranean and drywood termites cause most of the damage to homes and buildings.

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