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Before and After Pictures from New Egypt
Raccoons wreak havoc in New Egypt attic

Raccoons wreak havoc in New Egypt attic

Before After
Raccoons wreak havoc in New Egypt attic Raccoons wreak havoc in New Egypt attic

A Cowleys wildlife control team was dispatched to a home in New Egypt. This homeowner had a family of raccoons that had nested in his attic, apparently for quite a long time. 

Fortunately, there was no longer an active infestation — the raccoons were long gone. However, the attic was a toxic mess from all their urine and droppings. While the pungent odor of animal waste wafting through your house is a problem, the real concern is the health hazard.

Cowleys wildlife control technicians are trained not only in trapping and excluding wildlife from homes and commercial buildings, but also in safely sanitizing and deodorizing those areas that have been infested.


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Dave was...through in his inspection and was not afraid of my little puppy. She actually remembered him from...
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Pest Control & Home Repair Professional in New Egypt

Cowleys Pest Services is New Egypt, NJ's leading pest control and home repair contractor, offering a wide variety of services to keep your home healthy, efficient, and safe. We employ a customer-first philosophy when it comes to running our business, so you know you're getting only the best when you partner with us. We are committed to providing affordable, safe, and effective solutions for all your pest control and home repair needs.

Reliable services by Cowleys Pest Services:

  • Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Services
  • Wildlife Removal
  • Bird Control Services
  • RainDrop Gutter Guards
  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • And more!

Ready to get started on your pest control or home repair project? Contact Cowleys Pest Services today at 1-855-239-9059 or click below to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate in New Egypt and nearby.

Trusted Pest Control Company Proudly Serving New Egypt

Have you been dealing with termites, cockroaches, or bed bugs in your New Egypt home? At Cowleys Pest Services, we understand how unsettling it can be to discover that you have a pest problem. That's why our team works quickly to resolve your pest problem, using only the best pest control solutions in the industry. We've been helping homeowners remove pests since 1991, so we have the experience, solutions, and determination to fix your problem once and for all.

Pests we treat:

  • Bed bugs
  • Ants
  • Bees & wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • And more!

New Egypt Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

One way that pests can make their way into your home is through your crawl space. An unsealed crawl space also lets in moisture, leading to structural damage and mold and mildew growth. Structural damage results in uneven interior floors, which can become hazardous if not resolved. Mold and mildew growth can lead to increased asthma and allergy symptoms for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, Cowleys Pest Services offers a complete crawl space encapsulation system to keep your crawl space and the rest of your home dry, safe, structurally sound, and healthy.

Our crawl space encapsulation products:

  • Vapor barriers
  • Crawl space access doors
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Sump pumps
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space vent covers

Keep pests out and prevent structural damage with crawl space encapsulation by Cowleys Pest Services! Get in touch with us today at 1-855-239-9059 or fill out our online form to schedule a free crawl space encapsulation estimate in New Egypt and nearby.

Case Studies From New Egypt
Recently, I went out on a service call for a homeowner in New Egypt, NJ, after he discovered bees buzzing around his barn. Adult carpenter bees...
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I was sent out to New Egypt, NJ today to inspect and treat for mice that had made their way into our customer's kitchen. The homeowners had no idea...
Job Stories From New Egypt, NJ
Look, Up in the Tree is a Bald-Faced Hornets Nest in New Egypt, NJ

As this homeowner in New Egypt, NJ, was mowing his lawn, he suddenly was attacked by several angry hornets! Good thing he wasn't allergic! He quickly ran inside and called Cowleys for help! When we arrived, the homeowner showed us the area where he was stung. As we looked up to inspect, we found a very large and very active bald-faced hornets nest in the tree! Bald-faced hornets are one of the most aggressive and territorial stinging insects out there and won't hesitate to attack anything that comes close to their nest. They can even sense vibrations in the air, such as vibrations from a lawn mower!

Since the nest was about 10 feet up in the tree, we grabbed our extendable pole, attached a knockdown aerosol application to it, and then injected the product into the opening of the bald-faced hornet nest. This treatment quickly exterminates these aggressive stinging insects! A short while later, we removed the nest, as well as the branch it was attached to, and properly disposed of it. 

Look, Up in the Tree is a Bald-Faced Hornets Nest in New Egypt, NJ - Photo 1
How the Mice Were Infesting this Home in New Egypt, NJ

A new customer in New Egypt, NJ has having an issue with mice getting into her home and she wanted Cowleys to come out and help. As we were inspecting the home, we discovered an exhaust vent that had droppings around it. This was how the mice were getting into the home. 

For treatment, we installed a rodent bait station in front of the exposed exhaust vent, in several other locations around the property, and inside the home in the high infestation areas. Once we were finished, we scheduled several follow up visits to monitor the activity and replenish the bait stations as needed.  Once all the mice are gone, our Wildlife Division is going to come out and install an exhaust vent cover

How the Mice Were Infesting this Home in New Egypt, NJ - Photo 1How the Mice Were Infesting this Home in New Egypt, NJ - Photo 2
Adding New Insulation to Crawl Space in New Egypt, NJ

This homeowner in New Egypt, NJ recently had a flood in his crawl space. Although it was repaired in time, the insulation was saturated and needed to be removed ASAP or else mold will develop. 

First, we removed all the contaminated insulation from the crawl space. Next, we wiped down all the joists and then installed ComfortTherm® insulation. ComfortTherm® insulation provides excellent temperature and noise control, and comes with a vapor-retarder for use in hot, humid climates. Since the humidity levels in the crawl space were extremely high, we installed a Sani-Dry Sedona commercial-grade dehumidifier. The Sedona directs the extracted water pulled out of the air directly into the sump pump and will control the humidity levels in the crawl space.

Lastly, we replaced the broken crawl space door with a new EverLast™ Crawl Space Door. The EverLast™ Door is made entirely out of completely inorganic plastic and foam doors are & create an airtight, waterproof seal between your crawl space and the cold or humid air outside.

Adding New Insulation to Crawl Space in New Egypt, NJ - Photo 1Adding New Insulation to Crawl Space in New Egypt, NJ - Photo 2
Carpenter bees in New Egypt, NJ come again

Recently, I was called back in early October to a home in New Egypt, NJ that had been previously treated for a carpenter bee infestation in the front porch railing of her home. Carpenter bees are wood-boring insects. The female dig galleries into the wood to repost their larvae and, by doing so, can cause extensive wood damage. Every so often, there is a re-infestation, and of course, we will immediately return to treat the affected areas and resolve the problem for good. 

Candidly, on the way to this job, I was a bit skeptical of the homeowner’s claim of a re-infestation. I have been in this line of work for quite a number of years, and I’ve never seen or heard about active carpenter bee activity extending beyond the summer months this late into the year. But as the saying goes — never say never, especially when it comes to pest control. Insect behavior never ceases to amaze me, and once you think that you have them pegged, they turn around and surprise you. 

Upon arrival, the homeowner showed me what was clearly a small pile of “frass” — a sawdust-like waste product of the bees boring into the wood and nearby, a dead carpenter bee. Sure enough, the homeowner was right. Some carpenter bees decided to rear their ugly heads well after what anyone would consider active bee season. In the picture, you can see the white dust that we had applied into the boreholes to used to treat the initial infestation. Seeing the dead bee indicates the long life of this product. Clearly, the treatment was still working.

To treat the re-infestation, I inspected for new boring holes and applied to dust to treat those holes as well as the existing holes. I’m confident that that with this re-treatment and dropping temperatures, this homeowner should not be dealing with any more carpenter bees.


Carpenter bees in New Egypt, NJ come again - Photo 1
Dehumidifier installed in New Egypt basement

This New Egypt homeowner had chronically high indoor humidity levels in his basement. High humidity in below-grade areas of your home can lead to significant property damage. Ongoing dampness from humidity can cause the walls and foundation in your basement to rot, leading to structural damage. Also, excess air moisture can also trigger dangerous mold growth. Even when mold is not growing in your living spaces, air currents carry the mold spores everywhere throughout your home. This contaminated air is a health hazard for the home’s occupants, especially those with mold sensitivities or preexisting respiratory problems like asthma.

Dehumidification is the most important long-term preventative measure for removing excess moisture from the air and preventing condensation that may form on concrete walls, especially during the Jersey Shore’s infamous hot and muggy summer days. For this home, we installed a commercial-grade SaniDry CX dehumidifier that is specifically designed for crawl spaces and mid-sized basements. (For larger areas, the SaniDry makes an XP model.)  SaniDry dehumidifiers operate in temperatures as low as 40 degrees F, and are much more powerful than traditional dehumidifiers. If necessary, they have the capability of extracting close to 14 gallons of water per day at 80 degrees F. These dehumidifiers are maintenance-free and require no human intervention. They automatically, turn on and off using a built-in hygrometer that measures indoor relative humidity. They are connected directly into the sump pump or drainage system so there is no water tray to worry about. These humidifiers will maintain a maximum humidity level of 55%, and at these low levels there is not enough moisture for mold to grow. Homeowner feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We hear time and time again how great it is to have a home circulating with with crisp, clean, dry air instead of thick, smelly, humid air.

The Cowleys team also installed a condensate pump to remove the water that is pulled out of the air from the dehumidifier. To make the unit look more aesthetically pleasing, we installed this compact, unobtrusive dehumidifier so that the cords and discharge hose were concealed. 

The homeowner was pleased with our installation, and we are confident that once it’s up and running, he will be even more pleased. His family will enjoy improved indoor air quality, and his home will be protected against basement mold growth caused by high humidity levels.

Dehumidifier installed in New Egypt basement - Photo 1