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Now We're Going to Keep the Bats Out of This Attic in Shrewsbury, NJ

Recently, our wildlife team was called out to a home in Shrewsbury, NJ, to remove bats that had infested the attic. The bats were infesting the attic by squeezing through the gable vent. A short while ago, we were able to successfully and safely remove all the bats from the home and disinfected the attic.

To prevent the bats from reinfesting the attic via the gable vent, we installed Pest-Blok over it. Pest-Blok doesn't restrict the airflow to the attic, undergoes a silicone-protected polyester coating process that makes it last longer, and guards the home against bats, squirrels, birds, and all other nuisance wildlife.

Excluding the Mice from the Utility Pipes in Pennington, NJ

We returned to a home in Pennington, NJ, for a follow up inspection for mice. After we inspected every single one of the bait stations and replenished the bait in each one, it's now time to seal off the entry points. Exactly how were the mice able to infest the home? Through a small gap around a utility pipe. It may seem small, but because they have collapsible rib ages that can flex more than most mammals, all a mouse needs is an opening the width of a pencil!

To properly exclude the home, we stuffed every single gap around the utility pipes on the exterior and interior of the home with Xcluder™ Fill Fabric and then sealed them with a premium, waterproof adhesive. Xcluder™ Fill Fabric is made from a blend of coarse stainless steel and poly fibers to form a highly resilient and impenetrable barrier against rodents and pests. Lastly, we scheduled several additional follow up inspections to replenish the bait in the bait stations and monitor the mice activity throughout and around the home. 

Small Opening in the Soffit-Return Allows Birds Access to Home in Cream Ridge, NJ

As this client in Cream Ridge, NJ, was heading to his car, he spotted several birds going in and out of a small gap in his soffit! He searched for a reputable bird removing company on Google, found Bird Solutions by Cowleys, and we were sent out.

As we inspected the property, we determined that the birds were infesting the home via the soffit-return. We even found a ton of nesting debris inside the soffit! First, we carefully removed all the nesting debris out of the soffit. Next, we disinfected the soffit with a solution that targets bird mites. Bird mites are parasites that feed on the blood of birds. When birds leave their nests, the mites are left behind without a suitable host for their next blood meal. They will make their way into a home, and once inside they will take over, climbing all over your walls, ceilings, and beddings. To make matters worse, bird mites are tiny and semi-transparent, so they are extremely difficult to detect. Bird mites are the main reason why extreme care is needed when removing a nest.

To prevent the birds from reinfesting the area we installed Ridge Vent under the soffit-return and then installed sturdy metal flashing over the soffit and the soffit return.

European Hornets Found in the Grill in Cream Ridge, NJ

As we were servicing this property in Cream Ridge, NJ, we noticed a few European hornets swarming around the barbecue grill. As we got closer and opened the grill, we found a HUGE European hornets nest inside of it. The European hornets were actually nesting inside of the grill!

European hornets, also called giant hornets, received their name from its introduction from Europe into the New York area in the 1800s. They are much larger than yellow jackets and, unlike most stinging insects, can be active at night. Their bodies are brown with yellow stripes on their abdomens and have pale faces. European hornets have long bodies and antennae and have two pairs of wings and six legs. European hornets have smooth stingers, so they can sting over and over again. Their sting also carry venom that makes the stings hurt, itch, or swell for about 24 hours.

First, we injected a knockdown aerosol application into the nest. We then waited a few moments, and then injected a knockdown liquid application. Both treatments rapidly exterminate the European hornets. A short while later, we removed the nest and disposed of it properly. The homeowner mentioned that he will dispose of the grill at a later date. 

Blown-In Cellulose Insulation Gets Added to Attic in Cream Ridge, NJ

After purchasing his dream home in Cream Ridge, NJ, this customer wanted our Attic Systems team to add blown-in cellulose insulation to his bare attic. 

So the first thing we did was remove all the old insulation and properly dispose of them. Next, we air sealed all the gaps and cracks in the attic, which will eliminate air flow between the living space and the attic, improving energy efficiency. We then placed several measuring sticks throughout the attic to ensure that the proper amount of R-value is added to the attic. Lastly, we added over 12 inches of TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation throughout the attic. Adding TruSoft will fill the attic to its recommended insulation levels, in addition to maximizing home comfort for the owner. TruSoft also has the highest Class-1 fire safety rating, is resistant to mold and pests, is eco-friendly, and optimizes energy usage for year-round peace and savings!

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