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Small Opening in the Soffit-Return Allows Birds Access to Home in Cream Ridge, NJ

As this client in Cream Ridge, NJ, was heading to his car, he spotted several birds going in and out of a small gap in his soffit! He searched for a reputable bird removing company on Google, found Bird Solutions by Cowleys, and we were sent out.

As we inspected the property, we determined that the birds were infesting the home via the soffit-return. We even found a ton of nesting debris inside the soffit! First, we carefully removed all the nesting debris out of the soffit. Next, we disinfected the soffit with a solution that targets bird mites. Bird mites are parasites that feed on the blood of birds. When birds leave their nests, the mites are left behind without a suitable host for their next blood meal. They will make their way into a home, and once inside they will take over, climbing all over your walls, ceilings, and beddings. To make matters worse, bird mites are tiny and semi-transparent, so they are extremely difficult to detect. Bird mites are the main reason why extreme care is needed when removing a nest.

To prevent the birds from reinfesting the area we installed Ridge Vent under the soffit-return and then installed sturdy metal flashing over the soffit and the soffit return.

Protecting the Shed from Skunks in Manahawkin, NJ

Now that we successfully and safely retrieved all the skunks that were harboring underneath this homeowners shed and relocated them to a humane environment, we need to make sure that the skunks, and other nuisance wildlife, don't reinfest that area.

To do this, we dug a 12 inch deep trench and then installed hardware cloth. The hardware cloth is installed 12 inches deep and 12 inches out from the bottom of the shed. This creates a sturdy "L shaped" perimeter that will prevent skunks, and other nuisance wildlife, from digging and nesting underneath the shed.

Excluding Bats from the Ridge Vent in Millstone, NJ

After we successfully removed all the bats from this home in Millstone, NJ, we're going to prevent them from getting back in. The bats were able to infest the home via the ridge vent.  A ridge vent is an air exhaust vent installed on the peak of a roof. When installing this vent, an air slot is first cut in the roof deck at the roof's peak. This air slot is then covered by the ridge vent itself. They help to provide continuous, uniform exhaust ventilation at the highest portion of the attic and are designed to help resist wind-driven rain and snow, as well as insect and debris infiltration.

To fix this, we installed Ridge-Guard®. Ridge-Guard® secures and reinforces the ridge vent shingles. Now, not only is the home properly secured from bats, but all nuisance wildlife too!

Double the Trouble with Bald-Faced Hornets in Jackson, NJ

As we were inspecting this home in Jackson, NJ, we found two active bald-faced hornets nests on each of the electric meters! What makes bald-faced hornets particular dangerous, aside from being one of the most aggressive stinging insects out there, is that they can remember an intruders face, sense vibrations in the ground, and sting an individual over and over again with their smooth stinger. 

For treatment, we injected a knockdown aerosol application into the opening of each nest. This rapidly exterminated the bald-faced hornets. Shortly after, we removed each of the nests and disposed of them properly. 

Years of Carpenter Bee Damage Destroy Fascia Boards in Dayton, NJ

For years this homeowner in Dayton, NJ has been dealing with carpenter bees drilling into her fascia board and never paid much attention to them. It wasn't until her youngest son noticed some extensive damage to the area and informed her about it. After seeing us treat her neighbors home, she decided to give us a call and we were sent out to inspect and treat. As we inspected the area, we noticed that the fascia board wasn't just damaged, it was almost destroyed by the carpenter bees! There were multiple gaps across the fascia board and, if they aren't repaired or treated ASAP, this will lead to a potential squirrel problem!

Like carpenter ants, carpenter bees can cause significant property damage, as the female bees drill perfectly circular ½-inch diameter holes into fascia boards, porches, decks, siding, sheds, and other wooden structures. While the female creates a tunnel to nest, the male acts as a sentry protecting the female and nest. Those are the ones that dive bomb at you, but can't really do anything since they have no stinger. The females can sting but only does so if threatened. 

For treatment, we injected a residual dusting product into each gallery. This treatment rapidly exterminates the carpenter bees and leaves behind a residual that will eliminate any eggs inside their gallery as well as any returning carpenter bees. Once all the carpenter bees were eliminated, we returned and installed sturdy, metal flashing over the fascia board to prevent squirrels, bats, or any type of wildlife infesting the home. 

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