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Now We're Going to Keep the Bats Out of This Attic in Shrewsbury, NJ

Recently, our wildlife team was called out to a home in Shrewsbury, NJ, to remove bats that had infested the attic. The bats were infesting the attic by squeezing through the gable vent. A short while ago, we were able to successfully and safely remove all the bats from the home and disinfected the attic.

To prevent the bats from reinfesting the attic via the gable vent, we installed Pest-Blok over it. Pest-Blok doesn't restrict the airflow to the attic, undergoes a silicone-protected polyester coating process that makes it last longer, and guards the home against bats, squirrels, birds, and all other nuisance wildlife.

Groundhogs Were Getting Under the Shed in Trenton, NJ

This customer in Trenton, NJ had a big problem. A groundhog was moving across her yard, eating her vegetables, and then hiding underneath the shed! Fed up, the owner called Little Rascals and we were sent out.

We located the groundhogs burrow, installed a positive set over it, and temporarily enclosed the area off with hardware cloth. A positive set is a retrieval device that's comprised of a nose cone which is attached to a two-gaited, heavy-duty device. The nose cone safely guides the groundhog into the heavy-duty device. We call it a positive set, because we are positive that the groundhog will enter the device. Sure enough, it did and we transported the groundhog to a humane location.

To prevent any other nuisance wildlife from harboring underneath the shed, we installed Dig Defense®. Dig Defense® is a below-ground fence system that is 15 inches deep, 4 feet across, and prevents nuisance wildlife from digging and infiltrating underneath an area.

Excluding the Mice from the Utility Pipes in Pennington, NJ

We returned to a home in Pennington, NJ, for a follow up inspection for mice. After we inspected every single one of the bait stations and replenished the bait in each one, it's now time to seal off the entry points. Exactly how were the mice able to infest the home? Through a small gap around a utility pipe. It may seem small, but because they have collapsible rib ages that can flex more than most mammals, all a mouse needs is an opening the width of a pencil!

To properly exclude the home, we stuffed every single gap around the utility pipes on the exterior and interior of the home with Xcluder™ Fill Fabric and then sealed them with a premium, waterproof adhesive. Xcluder™ Fill Fabric is made from a blend of coarse stainless steel and poly fibers to form a highly resilient and impenetrable barrier against rodents and pests. Lastly, we scheduled several additional follow up inspections to replenish the bait in the bait stations and monitor the mice activity throughout and around the home. 

Making Sure the Mice Don't Get Back Into the Home in Pennington, NJ

We've returned to this home in Pennington, NJ to check on the mice activity in the crawl space. After were inspected the home and replenished the bait in all the rodent bait stations, it was time to exclude the areas of the property that the mice were using to gain access into the home. What areas were they? They were several gaps around multiple utility pipes around the property.

To properly exclude the mice, we stuffed each opening with Xcluder® Fill Fabric. Mice hate the taste of metal and this will deter them from the areas as well as form a firm and tight barrier to keep the rodents out. Afterward, we sealed the Xcluder® Fill Fabric in place with a premium, waterproof adhesive. Now the home is properly excluded from mice.

Flying Squirrels Chew Their Way Into Apartment in Pennington, NJ

A couple of flying squirrels had chewed through the bottom of the roof vent to gain access into this apartment in Pennington, NJ. As you can see from the pictures, the did quite the damage. First, we installed a one-way device over the access point (the roof vent), temporarily enclosed the area off with hardware cloth, and set up several baited devices. The one-way will allow the flying squirrels to safely leave the area but prevent them from getting back in the same way.

In a short amount of time, we successfully retrieved all the flying squirrels! We then removed our devices, installed sturdy metal flashing over the access point, and relocated the flying squirrels to a new, safer environment. 

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