NJ Stinkbug Invasion! “Come On, We Just Want a Place to Stay for the Winter."

Pest invasion in New JerseyWinter poses significant challenges for all creatures, but for cold-blooded insects, it's especially harsh. Yet, every spring, they reemerge seemingly unaffected by winter. How? These resilient creatures employ various winter survival adaptations, a process known as "overwintering." In New Jersey, insects like the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug survive by seeking local overwintering sites for warmth and protection. Unfortunately, what they use as shelter, we call home. Our houses inadvertently provide these bugs with a convenient refuge from the harsh outdoor conditions.

Stink bugs aren't the only insects seeking shelter in New Jersey homes during winter. Ladybugs and boxelder bugs also seek refuge indoors. However, stink bugs have a different approach-they start infesting homes as early as late August, sneaking in through small openings and staying until the middle of June. Unlike ladybugs, stink bugs are more active indoors, invading various areas of the house and leaving a noxious trail. Originating from Asia, they were first reported in neighboring Pennsylvania in 1996 before spreading to New Jersey by 1999. With no natural predators, their population has exploded, with this year's expected to be particularly severe due to favorable weather conditions. To prevent infestations, sealing cracks, repairing windowsills, and properly covering vents are crucial. Additionally, promptly disposing of dead stink bugs and using vacuum cleaners or jars with soapy water can help manage indoor populations.

If stink bugs are found, a professional pest control service can treat the outside of a home to help keep them from entering. As soon as you see them showing up on the siding or the windows, an exterior, preventive spray can have dramatic results. Stink bugs hibernate until the spring, so the best time to treat for overwintering bugs is in the early fall. Spraying creates a highly effective residual barrier, but like any pest control treatment, 100% elimination is impossible. Nevertheless, a thorough external treatment will go a long way in reducing stink bug sightings inside your home.

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