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Heat is proven to be a highly effective treatment against bed bugs. Cowleys Pest Services' bed bug heat treatment solution will rid your New Jersey home or business of bed bugs quickly, safely, and effectively.

Cowleys offers heat treatment and chemical treatment service for bed bug infestations in Edison, Somerset, Lakewood and throughout Mercer, Ocean, Monmouth, Somerset, & Middlesex County, New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule your treatment!

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What are the options to kill bed bugs?

If a bed bug infestation has been identified, Cowleys can work with you to determine the best treatment strategy for your situation. The following are the most common options for an effective bed bug treatment plan:

Clean Out

Vacuuming bed bugs in NJ home

Vacuuming the mattress and box spring helps reduce large numbers of bed bugs quickly.

Your pest control professional’s first task is to vacuum and scrub areas any areas that bed bugs have visibly infested. This step dramatically improves the effectiveness of the chemical or heat treatments. The clean out involves removing the large population of adult bed bugs, their eggs, droppings, and other bed bud remnants.

During the clean out, cracks and crevices in walls and molding where bed bugs may be hiding are filled and repaired.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

For a severe bed bug infestation, heat is typically the best treatment option. The major advantage of heat treatment is that it kills bed bugs at all stages: eggs, nymphs and adults. Heat treatment for bed bugs is also safe, non-chemical, and typically takes just one day to complete.

Cowleys uses specially-designed heating units to raise the temperature of the home to 120-135 degrees, killing bed bugs and their eggs. We typically recommend heat treatment in combination with insecticide applications to protect the home against further infestation.

Chemical Treatment

Traditional chemical treatments typically involve multiple, carefully targeted applications to kill active adult bed bug populations in bedrooms and sleeping areas. Follow-up treatments are often necessary to treat resilient bed bugs eggs that have hatched since the last chemical treatment.

Preparing for Treatment

Heat treatment prep guide

Resolving bed bug infestations is a joint effort with the homeowner and pest control professional. The homeowner needs to prepare for the bed bug treatment to maximize its effectiveness. Prior to a chemical treatment, it is necessary to uncover any and all potential harborage areas within the home.This includes killing bed bugs that may be hiding in clothing and other soft fabrics in the room by washing and drying these items. Preparation steps for bed bug treatments are included in our detailed guide.

In the case of a heat treatment, there are additional considerations. Instructions must be carefully followed to ensure that items such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, perishables and even home systems are preserved and unharmed. Be sure to prepare their home prior to a heat treatment according to your pest professional's directions so there is no property damage from the heat. Bed bug heat treatment systems are not your standard portable home heaters; they can raise room temperatures as high as 135 degrees.

Mattress Encasements

It is not necessary to dispose of infested mattresses. Not only is it a waste of money, but also doing so can spread a bed bug infestation throughout your home. And, it should comes as no surprise that bringing a new mattress into the home before an infestation is under control inevitably results in that mattress becoming infested with bed bugs as well. Therefore, the preferred approach is to thoroughly clean, treat, and then encase mattresses and box springs. Box springs are a common hiding spot for bed bugs. Encasements fully cover both mattresses and box springs with specially made zippers that trap bed bugs inside. Because bed bugs can live for approximately one year without a blood meal, encasements should never be removed. To do so, may cause a re-infestation.

Active Mattress Liners

While encasements simply trap bed bugs, treated mattress liners are typically used in conjunction with encasements to kill bed bugs that come into contact with them for up to two years. Active mattress liners are easy to install. They are simply placed on the bed and sheets are installed over top. These liners help to kill any bed bugs that may have been missed during the treatments, reducing the chance of a re-infestation. They also protect the mattress and/or box spring depending on where they are installed and also help to protect those sleeping in the bed from bites. 

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