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Beetles constitute the largest group of insects globally, comprising about 25% of all life forms on Earth, with over 5 million species. Identified by their tough outer shell covering their wings, which are only visible during flight, beetles play diverse roles in ecosystems. While some, like the Boll Weevil, pose threats to garden plants and crops, others such as the common ladybug are beneficial predators that help control other insect populations.

The Asian Longhorned Beetle, discovered in three New Jersey counties - Hudson, Middlesex, and Union - is a notable species. These large black beetles with mottled white spots on their backs and distinctive banded antennae, dwell and feed beneath tree bark, posing risks to tree health and urban greenery.

Beetles are often unwelcome pantry invaders, hitchhiking into homes via flour, cereals, pasta, and other dry goods. Commonly encountered species include the Saw-tooth Grain Beetle, Drugstore Beetle, Cigarette Beetle, and Red or Confused Flour Beetle. Swift action is crucial in dealing with these pantry pests to prevent contamination of stored food items. Professional pest control services can effectively treat these infestations, ensuring the safety of your stored foods.

The Anobiid Beetle has a widespread presence since it seems to have a greater attraction to softwoods used in modern construction like spruce, pine, and fir. Anobiid beetles are known to attack wood members such as:

Most beetle infestations start in crawl spaces or other moist areas and then move to other sections of the home. Beetle control issues can develop rather slowly so damage is usually detected in homes older than ten years. The frass of an Anobiid beetle has a gritty feel to it compared to the talcum powder consistency of the frass of a Lyctid Powderpost Beetle.

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