Fleas: What can Cowleys do?

What can Cowleys Pest Services do for flea infestations?

Treatment Options for Families and Businesses in Edison, Somerset, Lakewood

dogA pest control professional has a variety of different treatments at his disposal depending on the severity of infestation for both indoor and outdoor areas that are family and pet safe.  Cowleys Pest Services has several different applications that have proven to be field-effective in resolving flea infestations. There are also growth regulators that interrupt the insect growth cycle. There are aerosol space sprays to penetrate areas where fleas inhabit. Pest control professionals have access to different formulas than those in over-the-counter products for consumers. No job is exactly the same based on the level of infestation and the areas to be covered and their accessibility. The pest control professional having access to a variety of products allows him to implement the best treatment plan for a particular infestation.

A pest control professional can get rid of a flea infestation quickly and safely with no guesswork as to what treatment is most efficient and effective to handle your particular infestation. Also, we get to those difficult-to-reach places where fleas harbor. Knowing where to apply the application is as important as knowing the best application for the particular job. Our technicians will treat all of the rooms, upstairs and downstairs, including the basement and garage. As humans and pets move through the rooms of the home, hitchhiking fleas follow. Also, fleas are amazing jumpers that can quickly travel large distances. Crawl spaces and attics should not be accessible by anyone or anything including birds, squirrels, and other wild animals. If those areas are the source of fleas, we will need to seal them off to prevent re-infestation and then treat those tough-to-reach places to kill off the existing flea population.

Are Outdoor Treatments Necessary?

In severe infestations, the pest control professional may recommend treating the yard as well. It is seldom necessary to treat the entire yard or lawn areas. Flea larvae are unlikely to survive in areas with exposure to sunlight or substantial foot traffic. The outdoor areas where flea populations can explode are shaded and protected areas such as sheltered animal enclosures, crawl spaces under buildings where feral cats might sleep and vegetated areas adjacent to buildings. Infested outdoor locations left untreated can lead to fleas re-infesting your pets and your home.

How do you know if adult fleas are lurking outside?

One quick way is to walk around outdoor pet resting areas wearing white socks pulled up to the knee. If there is a heavy outdoor infestation, the fleas will jump onto the socks and be readily visible. If you would prefer to not be the designated resident flea detection inspector, a pest control professional can do an outdoor inspection for you.

Tips for Handling a Flea Infestation: What You Can Do?

vacuumDealing with a flea infestation is a team effort with you and the pest control professional. If your home is infested, these important steps will help get rid of the fleas:

  • Wash throw rugs and the pet’s bedding
  • Vacuum! With fleas, a vacuum cleaner is your partner and will help keep down flea populations. Vacuum upholstered furniture. Remove and vacuum beneath cushions and in cracks and crevices. Vacuum all of the floors and carpets, especially beneath furniture and in areas that pets frequent. After the carpets are treated, the pest control technician will instruct you when to vacuum to remove the larvae. Continue frequent vacuuming to kill adult fleas that may be emerging from cocoons. We will want to treat under your beds, so be sure to have them cleaned out and vacuumed underneath.
  • Keep room access of pets to a minimum. Where pets go, fleas follow.
  • Tidy up the normal clutter that may be lying around the house. Clutter just gives fleas more places to hide.
  • All pests must be treated for fleas at the same time the house is being treated.

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