What can Cowleys Pest Services do for flea infestations?

Treatment Options for Families and Businesses in Edison, Somerset, Lakewood

dogFrom growth regulators that disrupt the flea life cycle to aerosol space sprays designed to reach hidden flea habitats, our professionals have access to specialized formulas not found in consumer-grade products. This diversity allows us to tailor our approach to the unique needs of each infestation.

Our expertise ensures a swift and precise solution to your flea problem, eliminating any guesswork about the most efficient treatment method. We meticulously target difficult-to-reach areas where fleas often hide, recognizing that these pests can hitch a ride on humans and pets as they move throughout the home.

To comprehensively address the issue, our technicians treat all rooms, including the basement and garage, as well as crawl spaces and attics. These areas, if accessible to wildlife, can serve as potential sources of re-infestation. If needed, we'll seal them off to prevent future problems and then treat them to eradicate any existing flea populations.

By entrusting Cowleys Pest Services with your flea infestation, you can be confident in a thorough and tailored approach that prioritizes the safety and well-being of your family and pets.

Are Outdoor Treatments Necessary?

For those considering pest control services, it's important to note that in severe flea infestations, treating the yard may be necessary. However, it's typically not required to treat the entire yard or lawn.

Flea larvae thrive in shaded and protected outdoor areas, such as sheltered animal enclosures, crawl spaces under buildings, and vegetated areas near structures. These locations provide ideal conditions for flea populations to multiply rapidly.

By addressing these outdoor hotspots, pest control professionals can prevent fleas from re-infesting your pets and home. It's essential to target these areas effectively to break the flea life cycle and ensure long-term control of the infestation.

How do you know if adult fleas are lurking outside?

One quick way is to walk around outdoor pet resting areas wearing white socks pulled up to the knee. If there is a heavy outdoor infestation, the fleas will jump onto the socks and be readily visible. If you would prefer to not be the designated resident flea detection inspector, a pest control professional can do an outdoor inspection for you.

Tips for Handling a Flea Infestation: What You Can Do?

vacuumDealing with a flea infestation is a team effort with you and the pest control professional. If your home is infested, these important steps will help get rid of the fleas:

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