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Before and After Pictures from Kendall Park
Challenging raccoon trapping job in Kendall Park, NJ

Challenging raccoon trapping job in Kendall Park, NJ

Before After
Challenging raccoon trapping job in Kendall Park, NJ Challenging raccoon trapping job in Kendall Park, NJ

Raccoons, although they walk on all fours like most mammals, have human-shaped paws with thumbs, not to mention razor-sharp claws. Because of their anatomy, these animals are amazingly good climbers. They are able to climb and walk on a much steeper roofs than we can. Unless you are a skilled rock climber, most of us regular folks have limited grip strength relative to our body weight, and none of us have a nice set of claws to dig into materials. 

This wildlife job for a homeowner in Kendall Park, NJ was particularly tricky, and it took some extra planning because of this home’s steep pitched roof. To make matters even more challenging, there wasn’t much  space between the house, and the ladder angle was a bit steeper than I would have liked. To solidly secure the ladder, I was able to ”foot” it right up against the bottom of the fence, so it would not "kick out" while I was on it.

Buttressed by the fence, this ladder would not budge on inch, and I had plenty of of security to work with my hands off the ladder without worrying about whether it would move while I was on it. I installed a “positive” set up. With this type of set up, any animal has no choice but to go through the trap, no matter if it's coming or going from the home. 

The raccoon was soon trapped, and I safely relocated him far away from any human habitats. After trapping the trespasser, I closed off the access into the home in order to prevent any further wildlife intrusions. All in all, this was a satisfying job with a great resolution and a very happy homeowner who could now enjoy his home without sharing it with a destructive raccoon!

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I have used Cowleys Pest Services for approximately six months...
Testimonial by Steve W. from Kendall Park, NJ

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Here at Cowleys Pest Services we not only adhere to the highest pest control standards, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and service in Kendall Park and nearby NJ.

From your first phone call through treatment and follow-up we at Cowleys Pest Services pledge to give you great customer service while fixing your pest problem.

Since 1991, we have been treating a wide variety of pests, bedbugs, insects and rodents -- just contact us to get more details on your home or building's issue. Take advantage of our expertise to get rid of unwanted pests or animals in your Kendall Park, NJ home.

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At Cowleys Pest Services we also have pest control plans where we routinely inspect your home or building and apply needed solutions ahead of developing a recurring pest problem. Our pest service plans have different levels too, to best suit your needs that you can change over time if needed. From our Green Service Plan to our Platinum Service Plan, we'll keep your home pest-free.

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Case Studies From Kendall Park
Cowleys was contacted by a Kendall Park homeowner to remove a wasp nest. The attached images show the process of locating, treating, and removing a...
Recently, I treated a home in Kendall Park, NJ for termites. The house was on a slab and the termites came up through a crack in the concrete in the...
Job Stories From Kendall Park, NJ
Large Yellow Jacket Nest Exterminated in Kendall Park, NJ

During a routine treatment service at this property in Kendall Park, NJ, we discovered a large yellow jackets nest in a tree about 15 feet up.  

Yellow jackets are aggressive, territorial wasps, with distinctive yellow-and-black coloration, that are known for their propensity to sting anyone and anything that they perceive as a threat, such as those who venture too close to their nests or their food.

We grabbed our extendable pole, attached an aerosol application to it, and injected the treatment directly into the nest. This product rapidly exterminates the yellow jackets. Once the population diminished, we removed the nest, and the branch it was attached to, and disposed of them properly. 

Large Yellow Jacket Nest Exterminated in Kendall Park, NJ - Photo 1
Insect light traps successfully kill flys in Kendall Park Senior Center

Cowleys initiated a fly control program at a senior living community in Kendall Park.  While maintaining sanitation and cleanliness is important to fly control, sometimes a clean facility or kitchen is not enough, and a pest control service needs to be called in for more intensive measures. There is no single fly control program that will work in all cases, and we have a variety of tools to use depending on the circumstances causing the infestation.


For this facility’s fly control program, we felt the problem would be most quickly resolved through installing fly lights, otherwise known as Insect Light Traps (ILTs) (see attached pictures).  These traps use ultraviolet light bulbs to draw flies to a non-toxic sticky board inside. At Cowleys, we not only use these lights to trap these filthy pests, but also to monitor their activity level. 

A week after the fly light installation, we could not have ben more pleased with the results. The head of maintenance of the senior living community confirmed that the fly defense program was completely successful. There were no longer any fly issues, and even better for him, no more resident complaints!

Insect light traps successfully kill flys in Kendall Park Senior Center - Photo 1
Work Requests From Kendall Park, NJ
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
I think there is a wasp nest outside on the house near my daughter's bedroom window
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Ground hog remove
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We saw a gartner snakes in our front yard, wanted to remove that and apply some repellent.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We have bats in our attic, we would like a quote for removal
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We are looking for an annual contract for pest control (residential program).
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
There is a bird behind my microwave area. Its been making loud noises so need it removed ASAP
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
There appears to be a raccoon entering my attic. This is a single family ranch house. Thank you for an estimate. I can send you a picture of the opening just below the roof line.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Starlings have made a nest on the second floor of my house where the roof meets the soffit. They gain access through the 2 inch gap in the L shaped cap side where the two walls meet at the roof. I am able to hear the birds in the roof just above my master bedroom when the house is quiet. I need a quote for removal of nest and sealing off the access.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We recently bought the house, want to get a regular pest control set up
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Termite remediation and repair to termite damage. Damage are is to floor joist plate. Area of damage is approximately 12in x 4 in.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We've had carpenter ants in the house...started in the fall. stopped for a little while, and now they are back - seeing more often. need to get a quote to have house inspected and treated.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We've seen several hives around the outside of the house, and see regular activity of bees entering the house at specific locations. They look like yellow jackets and some have made it into the house with infants present.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Spiders and bugs, mostly in garage and around the house
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We have mice and small insects especially in spring and summer. This is a town home.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Considering preventive treatment from termite and other bugs.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
Groundhogs 5 in my yard
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
There are few snakes in our garden.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
We feel we have termite and we have dig holes before in front of doors and garage when we this house before.. We want you to come to see and have a estimate for me. tks.
Project Location: Kendall Park, NJ
There is a section of our home where the attic and roof connect. For the past 2 years in the spring/summer birds have taken up residence in the small space. As far as we can tell we are unable to reach it from inside the attic and it is out of our reach from the outside and is in a very small slit/hole in the side. We are also unsure of what kind of birds they are.