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bird spike installationThe three primary nuisance birds in New Jersey are pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings. All of these species are non-native; they were introduced and/or migrated into the United States from Europe. For commercial customers, nuisance birds are a significant problem. Not only do their droppings create an unsightly mess and an unprofessional image for customers entering and exiting the building, but in a warehouse setting, nuisance birds can easily ruin valuable inventory and pose a health threat to employees. Unfortunately, problem birds don’t magically go away and decide it’s time to bother someone else. Once they are settled in, you can assume they will be there for the long-term.

To get rid of nuisance birds, you need an experienced bird control professional who can evaluate the problem and institute cost-effective bird-control measures that work.  

Deterrents and Behavior Modification Are the Most Successful Methods of Bird Control

Bird control is a multi-tactic approach involving a variety of deterrents, most of the common ones include physical deterrents, such as bird spikes and netting. Effective long-term bird control solutions require behavior modification. The whole idea is to make your structure inhospitable to birds so that they go somewhere else. The harsh reality is that bird control is about making nuisance birds someone else’s problem. That’s the nature of bird control. You are telling the birds, don’t go away mad, just go away. And that’s all you want to do.  

Canada Geese Can Be Very Aggressive

Unfortunately, the sheer numbers of these nuisance birds have grown unabated. For example, starlings, roosting in hordes of up to a million, can devour up to 20 tons of potatoes in a single day. In terms of the amount of damage caused by waste droppings and the entrenched level of infestation, pigeons are the most common nuisance bird in New Jersey. But there are other nuisance birds besides “the big three,” including scavenging gulls that are especially common around the Jersey Shore area - since the salt marsh near Wildwood is one of the largest gull breeding grounds in the world. Canada geese are also a major problem, not just for airplanes taking off from LaGuardia, but for people. These pestering birds aggressively defend their nests, while goose attacks on people are fairly common.

Birds Are Associated With a Multitude of Diseases

bird damageThere are over 60 diseases associated with birds and their droppings. Many of the fungal diseases are incurable. Disturbing a bird’s dried droppings releases microscopic infectious spores into the air carrying bacteria and lethal fungi that can be easily inhaled. Bird-transmitted diseases are subject to a long list of fungal diseases, including: histoplasmosis, a fungal lung ailment that can lead to chronic respiratory ailments, and toxoplasmosis, which is especially dangerous to pregnant women. Bird droppings can also transfer viral meningitis and encephalitis. During the winter, the Canada geese population swells to over 200,000, which translates into 80,000 pounds of geese feces per day deposited in New Jersey.

Birds Are Unsightly for Business

Not only are bird droppings repulsive, droppings destroy property as well. They can discolor paint, stain wood, and can easily erode metal, dissolve paint and car finishes from the acidity. Overtime bird droppings can even cause concrete and expensive stonework to crumble. Birds can cause extensive damage to buildings, ventilation systems, and machinery. Birds commonly build nests in rain gutters, which can cause water backup - leading to dangerous and costly structural damage.

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Cowleys Pest Services has the expertise to investigate and resolve the most complicated bird problems you may be dealing with. We are also experienced in cleaning up bird droppings. Bird droppings are the health equivalent of toxic waste. Don’t subject your employees to that sort of danger. Have a professional contractor service your building with the right protective masks and equipment, as well as the proper training in hazmat procedures using the right cleaning products to remove the bird droppings.

Have it done right and have it done safely! Cowleys Pest Services provides our professional bird control and prevention services to residential and commercial property owners all throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, including New Jersey. Contact us today for a Free Estimate on our bird control solutions!

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