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If your floor is cold despite turning up the heat, the problem could be that your basement or crawl space insulation isn't up to par. When the insulation in your basement or crawl space is old, wet, or not up to code, it can seem like you don't have any insulation at all. Winter temperatures in New Jersey can stay below freezing for extended periods of time, so it's important to have proper insulation.

You might need new insulation added to your basement or crawl space if you have wet or damp insulation, insulation that's peeling away from the ceiling, old fiberglass insulation, or too little insulation.

To keep things cozy underfoot and keep your home energy-efficient, the expert insulation installers at Cowleys Pest Services can get the job done. Contact us today to schedule your free on-site evaluation and estimate!

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The best insulation for your basement or crawl space

Crawl space insulation before and after

A common industry practice is to use fiberglass insulation in basements and crawl spaces. The puffy fiberglass batts absorb moisture from the basement or crawl space air like a sponge. The extra weight causes the insulation to fall out of place. Wet fiberglass insulation attracts mold, causes wood rot, and loses its R-value. Fiberglass insulation in a basement or crawl space does the exact opposite of what it should be doing.

Here in New Jersey, we recommend R-19 insulation at minimum. No matter what the insulation, its effectiveness is only as good as the installation! Cowleys Pest Services is highly experienced in installing basement and crawl space insulation.

Our go-to basement and crawl space insulation product is JM ComfortTherm® insulation, a formaldehyde-free poly-encapsulated fiberglass insulation with a vapor-retarder facing. Our experience with this using this product, along with positive customer feedback proves that it’s an excellent thermal and acoustical insulation for basement and crawl space projects.

For homes with crawl spaces, the most efficient way to preserve heat is with crawl space encapsulation. Sealing the crawl space and adding insulation and a dehumidifier provides effective moisture control and mold prevention.

The insulation specialists at Cowleys Pest Services care about your home's functionality and energy efficiency, so they will install your basement and crawl space insulation with care!

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