Gold Service Plan
Gold Service Plan from Cowleys Pest Services

Cowleys Gold Home Protection Plans - Early Termite Warning System

If you want an early warning alert about termites infesting your home, than Cowleys Gold Home Protection Plan is perfect for you! Cowleys Gold Service Plan gives you all the coverage of the Silver Plan PLUS

Termite Monitoring

Our trained Pest Control experts will also professionally install Termite Monitoring around the perimeter of your home, acting as an “early warning system” of any catastrophic Termite damage to your home’s structure. 

*** If we detect termites, you get a 50% discount on termite service!

Service Plan Also Includes:

  • Same Coverage of 24 Common pests including rodents as our Silver Plan


  • Carpenter Ants & Bees
  • Digger Bees
  • Cicada Killers
  • Fleas

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