Understanding Crawl Space Encapsulation

Why encapsulate crawl spaces in New Jersey?

Crawl spaces often go unnoticed but can cause significant problems for your home and family if improperly maintained.

Crawl space with spider webs

To prevent these issues, crawl space encapsulation is a proactive and cost-effective solution. It involves using a durable vapor barrier, like the 20-mil liner offered by the CleanSpace system, which is puncture-resistant and treated to prevent mold growth. Encapsulation, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers create a dry and healthy environment, protecting your home and family from water damage, pests, and mold.

Sump Pumps and Dehumidifiers

crawl space sump pump

Crawl space sump pump removes water and prevents flooding.

Sump pumps are crucial for eliminating excess water in crawl spaces. Crawl Space Solutions By Cowleys provides reliable pumps that resist clogging, handle high water volume, and offer battery backup systems for power outages. To complement sump pumps, dehumidifiers are also helpful in removing moisture from the air and preventing mold, improving indoor air quality. Crawl Space Solutions By Cowleys offers Sanidry® dehumidifiers. To prevent the entry of humid or cold air, pests, and wood-destroying insects, it's vital to seal off crawl space vents.

Support Jacks and Vents

crawl space support jack

Crawl space support jacks stabilize sagging joists.

Cowleys' support jack system supports sagging floor joists in a crawl space, addressing sloping floors and other structural issues. The jacks are adjustable over time and can support more than 60,000 lbs. Additionally, the company offers durable crawl space access doors made of inorganic materials that won't rot, rust, or need painting. These doors create an airtight and waterproof seal, keeping moisture and pests out.

Vented crawl spaces with dirt floors lead to various problems throughout the seasons, while encapsulation offers a solution that ensures clean air, comfortable floors, and controlled humidity year-round. Encapsulation is recognized as the gold standard for treating crawl space moisture and preventing mold and allergen growth.

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