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alt Cowleys Pest Services provides complete pest management for residential and commercial customers.

Maintaining a peaceful home or business environment is an important part of managing stress. There are many ways to make a peaceful living space. But Cowleys deals with the most fundamental of all: you can’t be stress free unless you’re pest free.

Don’t suffer needlessly from pest infestations. One phone call to Cowleys and the cavalry is on the way. We realize the importance of dealing with infestations quickly and thoroughly. Although certain pests bite like spiders and bed bugs while others transmit diseases such as ticks transmitting Lyme disease, perhaps the worst consequence of a pest infestation is anxiety and worry. And for kids, pest infestations are the stuff of nightmares. Cowleys takes every pest infestation assignment personally. We treat every job as though it was our house, our family, or our business. Cowleys technicians are experienced and dedicated with some of the highest years of longevity in the business.

altAt Cowleys Pest Servicess, everyone understands the importance of doing the job right the first time. We began as a caring, family business and have continued that atmosphere as we expanded over the past two decades. We judge our work and our results by one standard: the job is completed only when the home or business is pest free and we have properly prepped the structure to reduce the chances of possible later infestations. And our personal guarantee is simple: "Any pest problem you have will be taken care of. You will find our pest control methods are the most thorough you have ever experienced or we will treat your home or business again FOR FREE! If you are still not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your last payment."

Cowleys Pest Services provides a full range of extermination services throughout Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean and Mercer Counties in New Jersey. We are experienced with all pests and insects found in New Jersey, from ticks, cockroaches, ants, termites, rodents, and bed bugs. So if something that crawls, flies, hops, jumps or slithers has taken residency inside your home or business or if you see signs of damage from termites or other wood-destroying insects, Cowleys Pest Services has the resources to handle any residential or commercial pest infestation regardless of size or complexity.

altCowleys Pest Services has years of experience in termite control. Termites cause an estimated 5 billion dollars worth of damage to structures in the United States each year. Without quick and proper treatment, subterranean termites can become a major expense. Contact Cowleys Pest Services for a free inspection and recommendations for proper termite control.

Bed Bug infestations have been increasing at an alarming rate and have become a major headache, especially for multi-unit structures such as apartment complexes and hotels. Cowleys Pest Services offers a team of bed bug experts with the know-how to handle the most challenging of infestations. We are also proud to offer the services of Scout, a highly trained, certified scent-detection beagle that can locate bedbugs with uncanny accuracy. Bed Bugs are masters of stealth that can hide in the smallest of cracks and crevices and infestations can spread rapidly. Calling a professional exterminator as soon as the problem is recognized is the best way to eliminate a bed bug infestation and reduce the cost of treatment while the bed bugs are still localized in just a few areas.

If your problems include birds or wildlife that have encroached on your property or have taken up residence in your attic or chimney, Cowleys Pest Services has two specialized divisions, Bird Solutions by Cowleys and Little Rascals Wildlife Removal. Bird and wildlife waste is toxic, containing numerous diseases. We clean up bird and wildlife deposits and remove birds and wildlife safely and humanely. More importantly, modify your home to make your structure hostile to birds and wildlife so that they choose to go elsewhere, minimizing the chance of reinfestation.

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