Commercial and Industrial Bird Control

balconybeforeafterNew Jersey, despite being one of the smaller states with under 8,000 square miles, has a remarkable diversity of bird life. And because of our geographical location as a mid-Atlantic coastal state, we attract an abundance of ducks, skuas, skimmers, geese, shorebirds, gulls, terns, boobies, gannets, and other water-associated species.

Unfortunately, New Jersey also has many species of “pest” birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, Canada Geese, and gulls that have thrived in human habitats with a virtually unlimited food supply and no natural predators. Their overpopulation has caused a variety of problems. If birds are becoming a nuisance to your property, reach out to our NJ bird control company at Cowleys Pest Services to help solve your pest problem.

Bird Control, Pest Birds Destroy Property and Health Hazard

Bird droppings can discolor paint, stain wood, and are acidic enough to erode metal and dissolve paint and car finishes. Over time bird droppings can even cause concrete and expensive stonework to crumble. Birds can cause extensive damage to buildings, ventilation systems, and machinery. Birds nesting in rain gutters may cause water backup that can lead to dangerous and costly structural damage. Droppings carry bacteria and diseases that can present health risks.

Disturbing as it is, dried bird droppings release infectious spores into the air, which are dangerous when inhaled. A sampling of bird-transmitted diseases includes histoplasmosis, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, blastomycosis, salmonellosis, paratyphoid fever, viral meningitis, and encephalitis. If you have a bird pest issue, contact Cowleys Pest Services for help with bird treatment.

Bird Control Works through Various Deterrents

The types of deterrents available for bird control in New Jersey can be classified as physical, visual, or auditory. The optimal choice of deterrents depends on a variety of factors including the species of bird, the type of structure, and the level of bird activity. When it comes to bird control, there is no one-fit solution. We have the experience to devise the most cost-effective strategies that will work.

Physical Barrier Deterrents

Physical barrier deterrents are the most effective long-term solution and most importantly, comes with no harm to the birds. We look to make your home or building an inhospitable place for birds to land, roost, or nest so they move to another location. The more common physical deterrents are bird control spikes, nettings, post and wire deterrents, slopes, and shock tracks. Anti-roosting spikes are blunt spikes that reduce the area on which the birds can land, forcing larger varieties of birds such as seagulls, pigeons, crows, and vultures to land elsewhere. Bird netting and post/wire deterrents exclude pest birds from all types of openings and structures to land on. Bird slopes are slippery PVC panels with steep edges that don’t allow birds to get a grip. Shock tracks are low-profile deterrents that deter birds from ledges and roof areas.

Visual and Auditory Deterrents

In addition to these construction-oriented solutions, there are visual and auditory “scare” deterrents and repellents. Visual deterrents range from heli-kites that emulate hawks in flight to reflective windmills that flash UV lights. Auditory deterrents, such as a propane bird scare cannon, are generally reserved for farms and rural areas.

Are you a contractor? Do your clients have problems with bird droppings and over-nesting Cowleys Pest Services offers subcontracting for our bird solutions all throughout the Mid-Atlantic covering our vast service area of New Jersey and everywhere in between!

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