Exterminating Bees, Wasps, and Hornets in Edison, Lakewood, Somerset

If you spot bees or wasps in your Mercer, Ocean, Monmouth, Somerset, or Middlesex County residence, exercise extreme caution. A bee, wasp, or hornet presence poses potential risks to your family's safety, warranting immediate attention from a pest control professional. Allergic reactions to bee stings can range from mild to severe, requiring urgent medical care, even for individuals with no prior history of allergies. Repeated exposure to bites can exacerbate reactions, particularly in the elderly and young children. Despite protective gear, such as full body suits and face shields, bee stings remain a concern due to the insects' aggressiveness during removal. It's essential to address the issue promptly to mitigate health risks and ensure the safety of your household.

Often, homeowners attempt DIY bee and wasp removal before seeking help from a professional pest control service. They may purchase chemical sprays with intimidating names like "kill-em-dead" from hardware stores or supply centers. Unfortunately, these sprays are rarely effective when not applied correctly, allowing most of the colony to survive. Locating nests, especially those deep within walls or in attics, poses the greatest challenge in bee and wasp removal. Homeowners often lack the knowledge of the colony's exact location, only observing the insects flying in and out of cracks or holes in their homes. Moreover, some over-the-counter sprays can be harmful to children and pets due to their caustic nature.

A pest control professional possesses the expertise to locate the colony and use safe, effective products that won't harm your loved ones. It's essential to entrust bee and wasp extermination to professionals equipped with proper protective gear and training.

Avoid sealing entrance holes! If you notice insects, likely yellow jackets, entering and exiting cracks or crevices in your home, refrain from sealing the entrance with caulking or foam. This traps them inside, leading to potential infestation indoors through outlets, light fixtures, and vents. While Cowleys Pest Services can still remove the bees or wasps, the process becomes more challenging, time-consuming, and costly.

To have Cowleys Pest Services assist with a bee, wasp, or hornet issue in your home, give us a call. Our services are available in Somerset, Edison, Lakewood, Trenton, East Brunswick, Monroe Township, Jackson, Marlboro, and surrounding New Jersey.

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