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Before and After Pictures from Dayton
Years of Carpenter Bee Damage Destroy Fascia Boards in Dayton, NJ

Years of Carpenter Bee Damage Destroy Fascia Boards in Dayton, NJ

Before After
Years of Carpenter Bee Damage Destroy Fascia Boards in Dayton, NJ Years of Carpenter Bee Damage Destroy Fascia Boards in Dayton, NJ

For years this homeowner in Dayton, NJ has been dealing with carpenter bees drilling into her fascia board and never paid much attention to them. It wasn't until her youngest son noticed some extensive damage to the area and informed her about it. After seeing us treat her neighbors home, she decided to give us a call and we were sent out to inspect and treat. As we inspected the area, we noticed that the fascia board wasn't just damaged, it was almost destroyed by the carpenter bees! There were multiple gaps across the fascia board and, if they aren't repaired or treated ASAP, this will lead to a potential squirrel problem!

Like carpenter ants, carpenter bees can cause significant property damage, as the female bees drill perfectly circular ½-inch diameter holes into fascia boards, porches, decks, siding, sheds, and other wooden structures. While the female creates a tunnel to nest, the male acts as a sentry protecting the female and nest. Those are the ones that dive bomb at you, but can't really do anything since they have no stinger. The females can sting but only does so if threatened. 

For treatment, we injected a residual dusting product into each gallery. This treatment rapidly exterminates the carpenter bees and leaves behind a residual that will eliminate any eggs inside their gallery as well as any returning carpenter bees. Once all the carpenter bees were eliminated, we returned and installed sturdy, metal flashing over the fascia board to prevent squirrels, bats, or any type of wildlife infesting the home. 

Bats Make a Mess in the Attic in Dayton, NJ

Bats Make a Mess in the Attic in Dayton, NJ

Before After
Bats Make a Mess in the Attic in Dayton, NJ Bats Make a Mess in the Attic in Dayton, NJ

This Dayton, NJ homeowner had a colony, or cloud, of bats in her attic, leaving a toxic mess of guano and urine throughout. The first part of the job was to remove the insulation that was destroyed by bat guano and urine. After the removal, we vacuumed, sanitized, and deodorized the entire attic until all remnants of a bat infestation were gone. 

For this attic, we blew in 10" of fresh TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation. TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation is a safe, non-toxic type of insulation that is 85% composed of recycled material. This method of “blown-in” or “open blow” cellulose is the process of loosely spraying the material into the attic or wall cavities to create a dense, insulated space to slow air flow. Our cellulose insulation is also non-flammable as well as rodent and mold/mildew resistant, making it an all-around benefit to the attic! 



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Case Studies From Dayton
A homeowner in Dayton, NJ had some concerns that there was an animal in his attic since he kept hearing noises in the middle of the night. I had a...
Here’s an interesting story. As I was already servicing a home out Dayton, NJ for a carpenter bee issue the homeowners made me aware of some...
I was sent to a homeowner in Dayton, NJ that came across something interesting in her laundry room, mice droppings! Once I arrived I began my...
Job Stories From Dayton, NJ
Pavement Ants Coming from the Trim in Dayton, NJ

After spotting a large number of ants in her dining room, this homeowner in Dayton, NJ, immediately searched for a reputable & local pest control company, found Cowleys, and gave us call. As we examined the dining room, we noticed that the ants were coming from underneath the wooden trim. As we closely examined the ants, we were able to identify them as pavement ants. Pavement ants are about 1/8 of an inch long and are dark brown to black in color. Their name comes from nesting under sidewalks and driveways and piling dirt removed from the nest in a mound on top of the pavement, often located between sidewalk cracks.

We then continued our inspection to the outside of the home and, sure enough, found a long trail of pavement ants from the side of the building to a nearby shrub about 20 feet from the home! The pavement ants were infesting the home by getting underneath the siding of the building. For treatment, with the owners permission, we applied a liquid residual along the baseboards, cracks, and crevices in the dining room, the two adjacent rooms, and along the entire exterior of the home.

Next, we treated the entire landscape and the shrubs with a granular bait. Once the worker ants come in contact with either of these products, they will return to their nest and transfer the treatments throughout their colony. Shortly after, the pavement ants are exterminated.

Pavement Ants Coming from the Trim in Dayton, NJ - Photo 1
Gap in the Pipe Leads to Mice in the Crawl Space in Dayton, NJ

After her son had found some mice droppings in her crawl space, this homeowner in Dayton, NJ, looked for a reputable & local pest control company. She found Cowleys, gave us a call, and we were sent out to inspect and treat.

As we inspected the home, we discovered multiple gaps around several utility pipes around the exterior of the home. This was how the mice were infesting the property. First, we carefully cleaned up all the droppings in the crawl space. Afterward, we grabbed several of our Ready-to-Use rodent bait stations, placed some bait inside them, and installed them in the crawl space and along the high infestation areas around the exterior of the home. Once we return for a follow up visit, we'll stuff all the openings with chew-proof stainless steel mesh and then seal them with a waterproof, premium adhesive. We will also replenish the bait in the bait stations until the mice are no longer infesting the home.

Gap in the Pipe Leads to Mice in the Crawl Space in Dayton, NJ - Photo 1Gap in the Pipe Leads to Mice in the Crawl Space in Dayton, NJ - Photo 2
Mouse Followup Inspection in Dayton, NJ

As I was completing my inspection of a commercial establishment in Dayton, NJ, I asked some employees if they had noticed any pest activity since our last servicing. They said that they had spotted a mouse and reported it to the manager. This facility has had rodent problems in the past and we had traps set up. I checked all of the rodent equipment to see if there were any signs of mice. As I made my way over to the bathroom, I smelled something that was quite familiar to me — the smell of mice.  There was a hidden “tin cat” mouse trap. A “tin cat” is a baited mouse trap that can catch up to 30 mice per setting. Sure enough, a mouse was inside. I removed the mouse and replaced the glue board. For good measure, I set up additional glue boards in the area where there were signs of rodent activity.


Fly Infestation in Dayton, NJ Senior Residential Community

I handle the pest control needs for a senior residential community in Dayton, NJ. The property manager informed me that they were having a serious problem with flies, so I immediately went out to resolve the infestation and determine the source of the problem. With flies, more often than not, the problem is sanitation-related. If garbage and food scraps are left out in the open unsealed, you’re asking for trouble. That trouble may come in the form of flies, cockroaches, other insects, rodents, and wildlife.  

Once I began my inspection, I immediately noticed several serious sanitation issues that needed to be addressed immediately. First, there were two dumpsters that were only about five feet away from the back of receiving door for deliveries. This was way too close to the building. To make matters words, the door was left wide open. Any flies that were attracted to the garbage could be easily sucked into the building by the air current — they would not even have to try to get into the building on their own initiative. Second, I found dirty garbage cans with garbage debris and coffee grounds on the bottom. Flies are attracted to decaying food debris and garbage. 

I strongly suggested that management move the dumpsters farther away from the rear entrance and and that the garbage cans be thoroughly cleaned. Garbage cans should always be bagged and the tops should have a firmly sealed lid. Finally, I performed a treatment with a residual application to the top lids of the dumpsters, around the frames of the doors, and any surface areas where flies could land.

Fly Infestation in Dayton, NJ Senior Residential Community - Photo 1
Ants take the bait in Dayton

This past winter, the food supply for ants spoiled or depleted much earlier than usual because of the warm, dry weather we experienced. Since then, we’ve had a cooler wet spring. As a result, as we enter summer, ants have been unusually active and aggressively seeking food. As a result, we’ve had a large spike in calls from homeowners dealing with ant infestations. 

To resolve an ant infestation, you have to kill the queen and the rest of the colony. It is not enough to kill a few isolated foraging ants. One of the most effective ways to control and eliminate ant infestations is by employing a granular ant bait. Granular ant bait is brought back by the foraging ants to the colony, where it is shared and eaten by the reproducing queen and worker ants. This bait, in combination with a liquid application treatment available to pest control applicators, virtually ensures that the ant population is knocked down quickly.

In the image in Dayton, NJ, you can actually observe ants transporting the granular bait back to the colony immediately after I set the bait. Ants just love this stuff, and even better, they love sharing it with the rest of the colony!

Ants take the bait in Dayton - Photo 1
Beautiful garden spider, a Golden Orb Weaver, discovered in Dayton, NJ

During my day as a Cowleys pest control technician, I periodically come across some interesting insects during my home inspection. Here, in Monroe Township in southern Middlesex County, I came across a Halloween display better than anything you could buy in a store: A beautiful garden spider was beginning to weave its treacherous web on a customer’s fence.  During the fall season, it doesn’t take long to find a spider and its intricate webbing. I carefully removed this spider and let her go into the woods away from a human habitat where it could enjoy the rest of its crawly life in peace.

Like the misunderstood bat, spiders have an undeserved reputation as something that is scary, creepy, and dangerous. Out of the thousands of species of spiders, only two in New Jersey are poisonous, the black widow and the brown recluse. Of course, it’s always best to avoid touching any spider. While spiders never actively seek human contact, they will bite if they feel threatened or endangered.

For the most part, spiders are beneficial insects for humans. They are one of the best biological forms of pest control — and they don’t cost homeowners a penny! Spiders will happily feed on common indoor pests that they ensnare in they web including mosquitoes, flies, clothes moths, and roaches. Also, spiders kill other spiders in gladiator-like competitions for survival, so they maintain their own populations as well. So, if you happen see a spider, just remember that he is working around the clock helping to control insect populations in and around your home — and he doesn’t even expect a thank-you!

Beautiful garden spider, a Golden Orb Weaver, discovered in Dayton, NJ - Photo 1