How Can a Pest Control Professional Help with New Construction?

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Hiring a pest control professional during the construction phases can save a lot of headaches later on, For homes built on a woodlot, a pest control professional can inspect the site for carpenter ants and treat those trees containing colonies. Given the number of infested urban trees, the safe assumption is that there are carpenter ants on the lot and precautionary measures should be taken. New homes are frequently invaded and damaged by satellite colonies even before construction is complete and large colonies can invade a house in a short period of time.

The ideal time to protect buildings from carpenter ants is BEFORE the installation of drywall or interior vapor barriers. Insecticidal dust applied inside the walls before insulation is added is effective because wire and pipes are the primary routes of travel within a structure. It is also helpful to apply dusts to foam sheet insulation in open beam or cathedral ceilings.

Attics and crawl spaces should have sufficient ventilation to prevent the accumulation of moisture, a major attractant of carpenter ants. Vapor barriers should cover soil surfaces for crawl spaces. All supports should rest directly on concrete and not the ground so that they don’t absorb moisture. Again, where there is moisture in a structure, carpenter ants are sure to follow.

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