Pests We Treat - Commercial Kitchen Gets Pavement Ants in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

One of Cowleys longtime commercial accounts, an adult community in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ had informed me that ants invaded their commercial kitchen. They were discovered on a very hot day as the employees were cleaning the area. When I arrived the employees led me directly to the area of concern. The ants were coming out of a crack underneath the baseboard. Upon closer inspection, I identified these ants as pavement ants. Before applying any type of treatment, I wanted to do a thorough inspection of the outside as well. 

When I made my way to the exterior wall where the ants were being seen I discovered the trail that was coming from a small hole in the foundation which led to a handrail that went around the parking lot. I followed the ant trail at least 100 yards back to their nest which was located under the roots of a dogwood tree. Now that I knew where the nest was located treating the issue would be a piece of cake. I lightly treated the nest with one of our many non-repellent products. The reason that we use non-repellent products is so the insects will transfer it amongst each other therefore doing the pest control work for us. As they feed each other, they are eradicating the whole population. Within two weeks all of the ant activity will be long gone. I was also able to apply a small amount of silicone to the areas where the ants were coming in to prevent them from popping in sometime in the future. The business owner was very happy and I was satisfied with the work that was completed. There is no better feeling than leaving a customer as happy as I am with a job well done.