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Before and After Pictures from Point Pleasant Beach
Trim Installation in Point Pleasant Beach

Trim Installation in Point Pleasant Beach

Before After
Trim Installation in Point Pleasant Beach Trim Installation in Point Pleasant Beach

Two members of Cowleys home improvement crew were dispatched to a home in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, to help a homeowner who had a few pieces of aluminum trim blow off during a recent storm. Your home’s siding and trim are an essential barrier to protect the underlying fascia from the harsh outdoor elements (wind, rain, and snow). If not repaired, fascia damage could lead to wood rot and a weakening of the underlying structures eventually causing the soffit to collapse. Exposing your home’s underlying building materials can also lead to other problems such as mold formation and wildlife entry. Wildlife like squirrels and raccoons often take advantage of structural weaknesses in a home to gain entry. Homes kept in good repair are less prone to wildlife infestations. 

We replaced the missing aluminum trim with new white high performance exterior cellular PVC trim that we custom bent to fit her home. This material is tough stuff! It won’t rot, cup, split, twist, or warp and pests like carpenter bees (not to mention woodpeckers that peck away looking for carpenter bee larvae) can’t bore holes into it.  As you can see by the photos, our installed trim blended in perfectly with the house. You could not even tell that any repairs had been made after we were done. The homeowner was relieved that the trim was replaced, it looked great, and most importantly, her home was protected from the outdoor elements as we head into the harsh days of winter.

Storm damages roof shingles in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Storm damages roof shingles in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Before After
Storm damages roof shingles in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Storm damages roof shingles in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

A homeowner in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, had a few ridge cap shingles blow off in a storm. Virtually any steep-sloped roof has a ridge at the top of the roof where the different sides of the roof meet. Also. roof designs commonly have sloped ridges (hips) where roof planes meet at an angle. These ridges and hips the highest stress areas of your roof. We use ridge cap shingles to provide a complete watershedding system on your roof. These shingles are an extra strong barrier at this crucial juncture where rainfall first hits your shingles. Should these shingles go AWOL, it does not take long for rain or melting snow to start causing roof leaks and all sorts of property damage from water entry into your home. Also, these missing shingles are an “open house” sign for all sorts of critters that looking for a warm, protected place like your attic to escape the harsh outdoor elements.  

For this home improvement project, we replaced the missing shingles. We then installed Ridge-Guards over the ridge vents to give extra assurance to the homeowner that similar roof problems would not happen again. Just as ridge cap shingles are crucial to a home’s roofing system, so are ridge vents. These vents allow damp, warm air to escape from the attic. By doing so, they increase your homes energy efficiency and protect asphalt shingles from overheating and warping in the summer. Unfortunately, ridge vents can be a vulnerable “weak spot” in a roof. They are often exploited by wildlife, especially squirrels, raccoons, and bats, to gain entry into the attic, and they can be the source of roof leaks as well. With Ridge-Guards installed over the ridge vents, this homeowner now has an effective permanent solution to ward off these types of ridge vent problems.

Pest Problem Entry Points in Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Pest Problem Entry Points in Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Before After
Pest Problem Entry Points in Pt. Pleasant, NJ Pest Problem Entry Points in Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Last week, I was called out to investigate a home in Point Pleasant, NJ. The homeowner contacted Cowleys because mice were getting into the kitchen. She told us that several mice were caught on glue traps that she had placed. In addition, rodent bait stations had already been set up from a previous service call. Mice infestations can be challenging for a variety of reasons. One is their size. Because mice are so small they are able to get through gaps and cracks that we barely notice. identifying and sealing all of them can sometimes take a few visits. 

On this visit, I noticed a door nest to the refrigerator that lead to the crawl space. The door was never used by these homeowners, and was leftover after the kitchen had been remodeled. I observed a large gap under the door. There was a high probability that this was the trouble spot for the mice entering the living areas of the home from the crawl space. 

I used a chew-proof copper mesh to fill the gaps where the mice were likely entering. The benefit of using copper is that it does not rust like steel wool. I also inspected and rebated the rodent bait stations that had previously been set up. Unfortunately, there was active rodent activity in the kitchen and crawl space area as well as the exterior behind the home. Clearly, this was one stubborn infestation. Cowleys, however will stay on the job until the infestation is completely resolved. One mouse inside a home is one mouse too many.  

I set up additional bait stations in the crawl space where the mice were initially gaining entry into the home. I also sealed the gap under the kitchen door as well as a hole by their A/C unit in the back of the home. I expect the indoor mouse population to drop quickly and dramatically. In the meantime, we will have follow-up visits until this infestation is completely resolved.

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Here at Cowleys Pest Services we not only adhere to the highest pest control standards, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and service in Point Pleasant Beach and nearby NJ.

From your first phone call through treatment and follow-up we at Cowleys Pest Services pledge to give you great customer service while fixing your pest problem.

Since 1991, we have been treating a wide variety of pests, bedbugs, insects and rodents -- just contact us to get more details on your home or building's issue. Take advantage of our expertise to get rid of unwanted pests or animals in your Point Pleasant Beach, NJ home.

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At Cowleys Pest Services we also have pest control plans where we routinely inspect your home or building and apply needed solutions ahead of developing a recurring pest problem. Our pest service plans have different levels too, to best suit your needs that you can change over time if needed. From our Green Service Plan to our Platinum Service Plan, we'll keep your home pest-free.

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Case Studies From Point Pleasant Beach
Recently, I went on a service call for a homeowner in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ who was complaining of squirrels in her attic. How did she know it was...
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Of all the various rodents that invade our homes, mice are, by far, the most common. Rodents seek access into our homes for warm shelter and for...
Job Stories From Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Treating wasps nest in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Recently, I was sent to a residence in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ after a homeowner contacted our office requesting a wasp nest removal. Upon arrival, I immediately saw that these were bald faced hornets, a close relative of yellow jackets. These wasps are relatively easy wasps to identify because of their distinctive coloration — black with ivory markings on their faces and abdomens. Unlike yellow jackets, which are ground-nesters, bald faced hornets are aerial wasps that usually build their nests a few feet off the ground, usually in protected locations like under eaves or hidden away in come corner. Made from a mixture of chewed wood and their saliva, their grey spherical paper nests can grow to impressive dimensions especially by the time we reach late summer/ early fall, growing as large as 14 inches in diameter and more than 24 inches in length. Like yellow jackets, these wasps are territorial, aggressive and won’t hesitate to sting if they perceive that their nest is being threatened. Any loud noises or sunken movements can get them riled up and trigger a swarm of wasps that can deliver multiple, painful hornet stings extremely quickly.  

This homeowner was quite concerned about the potential manager of an active wasp nest on his property. He not only had his own little boys, but the Point Pleasant school is just a couple of blocks away and many students and school staff walk by his property on a daily basis. He did not want to risk of anyone being stung.  

I proceeded to treat the nest, which was located between the soffit and the chimney. To quickly knock down the population I used a foaming-action residual solution that I sprayed directly into the nest opening and around the surrounding area. It not only kills any wasps on contact, but it is a residual, meaning that it stays active and does not dissipate. This way, it will also kill any foraging wasps returning to the area of the nest, preventing them from attempting to rebuild the nest anywhere in the same general area. 

After waiting until there was minimal wasp activity, I removed the nest and bagged it so I could take it with me off the property. After the nest was removed, I applied a dust that will also eliminate any wasps returning to the area. With the wasp nest gone and the colony eliminated, the homeowner will not have to worry about his family or any schoolchildren being stung.  I was glad to help out and remove a potently dangerous stinging insect infestation.

Treating wasps nest in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ - Photo 1
Dark Flooded Crawl Space in Point Pleasant Beach,, NJ

A homeowner in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ contacted Cowleys because he suspected a possible dead animal in his crawl space. As a wildlife technician, I was sent out based on the homeowner’s call to us. Crawl spaces are notorious problem areas for homeowners. Vented crawl spaces can be fraught with water and humidity problems, and the often damp and dark environment is an ideal harborage location for termites, other insects, rodents, and nuisance wildlife. Also, unlike basements, crawl spaces are often difficult to access and maneuver about once you are down there. They are rarely visited and inspected. Problems can go unnoticed for quite awhile until either issues surface in the living areas of the home like odors from mold or rotting animal carcasses. 

Here, it was fortunate that Cowleys was contacted. Although I could not locate an animal carcass, the homeowner had other crawl space issues that need to be addressed immediately. As often happens, an inspection identifies problems that the homeowner was unaware of. Here, the basement had been flooded and the crawl space floor had a layer of stagnant water. The homeowner knew this problem needed to be fixed, and I let him know that Cowleys has a specialized contractor division that handles a variety of home improvements including mold treatment and a crawl space encapsulation that alleviates water issues and converts crawl spaces into clean dry foundations. An appointment was made fro one of our inspectors to identify the source of the water problem and come up with solutions to fix the problem, both immediate and long-term.


Dark Flooded Crawl Space in Point Pleasant Beach,, NJ - Photo 1
Work Requests From Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Vicinity of Eisenhower Drive in Point Pleasant Beach
There is a squirrel in our basement ceiling.
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Mice inside home.
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General spraying, and questioning bedbugs in basement.
Vicinity of Ocean Ave in Point Pleasant Beach
Found bed bugs in my sons bed , HELP ASAP!!
Vicinity of Shore Boulevard in Point Pleasant Beach
Small ants in kitchen
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Ants, lots of ants everywhere.
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Outdoor spiders - back yard and front yard.
Vicinity of Lincoln Ave in Point Pleasant Beach
Neighbor saw raccoon family, mother and babies, on my garage roof. I have not seen them but they have nested there previously. I'd welcome your help to remove them. Thank you.
Vicinity of Edgar Rd in Point Pleasant Beach
Carpenter bees in eve of side of house
Vicinity of in Point Pleasant Beach
Ground bees Carpenter bees Flying bugs not sure what they are Check for termites
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Vicinity of Cardinal Dr in Point Pleasant Beach
We have big black ants in the house, wasps at the back of the house (outside)
Vicinity of Griffiths Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach
Hearing scratching noises coming from attic. Found a crawl space access panel with scratch marks on it and pulled out.
Vicinity of Bay Isle Dr in Point Pleasant Beach
Hearing squirrels in attic
Vicinity of in Point Pleasant Beach
I need a dead possum removed from my property. I have a dog that roams the yard as well as us!'
Vicinity of St. Louis Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach
I'm having an issue with little ants in all rooms. :( Can you please help?
Vicinity of Jarob Court in Point Pleasant Beach
I discovered ants in my bathroom near the toilet and sink, would also like to get an estimate for whole house treatment/contract. Michael
Vicinity of Maryland Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach
Tenant complaining of cockroaches.
Vicinity of in Point Pleasant Beach
We have the tiny ants and sometimes silverfish.
Vicinity of Rue Ave in Point Pleasant Beach
I have a hornet nest on the second story of my house.
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