Pests We Treat - Humongous hornets nest scares away potential tenants in Princeton, NJ

Today I was dispatched to a commercial building that is currently for sale in Princeton, NJ. The realtor was having a hard time showing the building due to the enormous bald face hornets nest above the door. I assessed the humongous nest when I pulled up to the building. Nothing gets a technicians adrenaline going then an active hornets nest.

With my can of fogging aerosol I slowly approach the nest. I waited a few minutes to see how active the hornets were, I didn't see much activity due to the cooler morning weather. Once the temperature drops insects generally slow down and start the overwintering process

I placed the tip of the aerosol directly into the entry point of the hornets nest and released the fog. The fog quickly expands and kills everything that it comes in contact with. I stood back for a few minutes while the fog did it's job. Once I felt comfortable I began removing the nest. The customer was very happy to know longer see that nest looming over the front door.