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Before and After Pictures from Princeton
Bat's find easy access to Princeton, NJ home

Bat's find easy access to Princeton, NJ home

Before After
Bat's find easy access to Princeton, NJ home Bat's find easy access to Princeton, NJ home

This homeowner in Princeton, NJ found herself with bats nesting under the fascia leaving guano (the excrement of birds and bats) deposits all over the deck. Bat guano happens to be an excellent organic fertilizer because of its high nitrogen and phosphorus, but it is also a health hazard. Bat and bird guano can contain numerous pathogens including  a fungus that causes histoplasmosis, a serious chronic lung disease, and exposure, Including breathing in these airborne particles, is dangerous for homeowners. Also, bats are major carriers of rabies. Bat infestations need to be removed and professional experienced in excluding bats from nesting in your home should be brought in. This is not a DIY project and you should not be working in a bat-contaminated area without proper protective equipment. For this home, I completely covered the fascia with a metal barrier to keep them from roosting in and between the fascia board.

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Scott Dellett and Chris Fyfe Achieve Associate Certified Entomologist  (ACE) Status
Scott Dellett, Residential Service Supervisor and Chris Fyfe, Senior Pest Control Technician at Cowleys Pest Services were recently certified as... [Read more]
Cowleys wins Best Case Studies Award
In December 2016, Cowleys Pest Control Services was honored by an award for the "Best Case Studies” by Contractor Nation.... [Read more]
Cowleys Pest Services Earns Esteemed 
2016 Angie's List Super Service Award
Angie’s List recognized Cowleys Pest Services as one of the top 5 percent of service companies who achieved and maintained... [Read more]
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Here at Cowleys Pest Services we not only adhere to the highest pest control standards, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and service in Princeton and nearby NJ.

From your first phone call through treatment and follow-up we at Cowleys Pest Services pledge to give you great customer service while fixing your pest problem.

Since 1991, we have been treating a wide variety of pests, bedbugs, insects and rodents -- just contact us to get more details on your home or building's issue. Take advantage of our expertise to get rid of unwanted pests or animals in your Princeton, NJ home.

At Cowleys Pest Services we also have pest control plans where we routinely inspect your home or building and apply needed solutions ahead of developing a recurring pest problem. Our pest service plans have different levels too, to best suit your needs that you can change over time if needed. From our Green Service Plan to our Platinum Service Plan, we'll keep your home pest-free.

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Case Studies From Princeton
I was dispatched to one of our commercial properties, an apartment complex in Princeton, NJ that contacted with Cowleys to handle all of their pest...
I was recently sent to a home in Princeton, NJ to treat a termite infestation. This particular home was built on a slab foundation. Some types of...
I was dispatched to a large apartment building in to resolve a squirrel infestation. Although it may seem more overwhelming to deal with a wildlife...
Job Stories From Princeton, NJ
Yellowjackets high up in Princeton, NJ

I was servicing a regular client in Princeton. I went directly to the unit that was having the issue with the yellowjackets. The resident was even seeing the stingers in her unit. I inspected the exterior and quickly found a nest in the roof sheathing by the gutter. I proceeded to treat the opening with a dust insecticide. 

Yellowjackets high up in Princeton, NJ - Photo 1
Citronella ants invade Princeton, NJ crawl space

Cowleys received  a call from a Princeton homeowner who had been seen “a small army” of  yellow ants in his crawl space and all over the vent cover leading into the crawl space. These particular ants are citronella ants, and get their name from the citronella odor that they emit when threatened or crushed. These ants feed on the excretion of aphids and mealybugs that feed on the roots of shrubs, and the swarmers (winged ants), which are much larger than the workers, are frequently confused with termites.

Upon arrival, I inspected the crawl space and immediately came across a customer DIY moisture barrier. Unfortunately, weekend handyman projects usually don’t have the same results as professional installations. That was clearly the case here. The crawl space was humid and filled with moisture, and this barrier, a jerry-rigged tarp, was doing little to stop moisture and humidity from entering the crawl space. Upon further inspection, I noticed citronella ants surrounding the outer areas of the tarp. I rolled up part of the tarp, which was loose, to better inspect the area and observed numerous citronella ant trails criss-crossing the crawl space.

I treated the crawl space as well as the exterior of the home. In addition, I spread a granular bait that the ants will pick up and bring back to the colony, killing the queen. With the queen dead, the entire colony will soon eliminated. Killing a few foraging ants will not stop the infestation. To successfully resolve an ant or other insect infestation, you must kill the colony. 

Citronella ants invade Princeton, NJ crawl space - Photo 1
Work Requests From Princeton, NJ
Princeton Ave in Princeton
Underground bee nest - was attacked by some last 2 yrs and had a severe allergic reaction - so don't want to go near them and they are stopping me from working outside. would like an estimate for removal
Tomlyn Drive in Princeton
We have 2 snakes in the yard - needs to be trapped and relocated
White Oak Drive in Princeton
Groundhog problems. Damages to driveway
B Roxbury CT in Princeton
1,679 sqft 3 bedrooms 2 story townhouse
College Road in Princeton
I am looking for a pest control service for 2 large offices buiildings.
Province Line Rd. in Princeton
We were told by a pest control company that we have a flying squirrel in our attic...
Teak Lane in Princeton
Raccoon in my attic.
Boxwood Drive in Princeton
An odor such as dead animal smell is coming out in front of my house
Canal Road in Princeton
We live near the canal and have had an unusually large population of snakes this summer.
John St in Princeton
Bedbug check
Prospect Avenue in Princeton
I have a woodpecker as well as carpenter bees - at least I assume that because of the yellow dust and the hole in the wood.
Quaker Road in Princeton
The Historical Society of Princeton has a large barn on the property which are would like to start renovating for use as a three season wedding/meeting venue. Currently, we know we have bats. We would like a consultation on how to remove them, provide additional dwelling, and prevent them from re-inhabiting the space.
Farrand Road in Princeton
We have at least one family of red foxes in Russell Estates. Two parents and six cubs about three months old. Residents with small children want them removed. Princeton says we can not kill or move them.
Linden Lane in Princeton
I live in a three bedroom house with two other people. I found a bed bug walking on me while sitting in the sofa, and two days later I got red spots on my arm. Would like to know how much it would cost to have someone come to determine if we have an infestation, and treat it if that's the case.
Nassau St in Princeton
I have a ground hog problem, and I've located an entrance to the burrow.
Mt Lucas Rd in Princeton
Woodchuck or badger living under the house. Unless he started playing rent, we would like him removed.
Princeton Kingston Road in Princeton
We have a groundhog behind a stone wall in our backyard. There are two holes; one up top and one in the bottom of the wall.
Nassau Street in Princeton
It seems that there are birds behind the wall of one of our offices for about a month now. Sounds like they are multiplying cause they are getting much louder.
Caroline Drive in Princeton
Termite/pest inspection and control
Washington Road in Princeton
Seems like the backyard of our new house has a TON of tunnels. And have two little boys, 3 and 6 - I want it to be safe for them to go out there.
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