Pests We Treat - Bed Bug inspection in Lincroft, NJ

As I pulled up for my bedbug inspection this afternoon I found the upset client waiting for me on her porch. She was extremely concerned about the bites that she had been getting while sleeping in her bed. Unfortunately, I feared the worst and told her that Cowleys deals with these types of situations all the time. Our motto is “Don’t Panic.”

She told me that her bedroom was the first door at the top of the stairs. I began my inspection by slowly removing the bedding. We try not to pull things apart quickly creating a trampoline for bedbugs to be sprung all over the room. I didn't see anything on the bedding. Then I slowly lifted the mattress off the bed and leaned it up. I inspected all the seams but found nothing. Was I surprised? No. I knew if there was going to be any activity found it would be under the box spring. As I lifted the box spring I saw all the stages of bed bugs right before my eyes. From egg to fully grown adults. 

I advised the customer of our treatment protocol and we quickly scheduled the treatment. Finding the source is always the best way to rid the problem.