What Can Make a Seemingly Clean House Attract Cockroaches?

What Can Make a Seemingly Clean House Attract Cockroaches? - Image 1

Although they don’t bite, can only run three miles an hour, and live for a mere six months, just a quick glimpse of a cockroach can elicit panic in a homeowner. Cockroaches, long associated with dirty places, can make a homeowner feel as if their home must be filthy. It is important to recognize that it’s not just dirt that will beckon these nasty creatures into your home. Here are three seemingly innocuous situations that will encourage cockroaches to take up residence in your clean space.

  1. Even if the faucet of your sink is shined to the point of being able to see your reflection, that doesn’t mean it is not encouraging cockroaches. Cockroaches thrive in moist environments. Does your faucet leak? Cockroaches are relatively small. They do not need copious amounts of water to stay hydrated. Even a small leak from a faucet can be enough moisture for them. An even greater attraction than a leaky faucet is a leaky pipe. Check the pipes under your sink. When moisture accumulates in the dark, confined area under your sink it creates a perfect environment for both cockroaches and mold.
  2. Plumbing is not the only source of water in your home. Many of us are pet owners and we have been told how important it is to always have fresh water out for our dogs and cats. Water is important for your four legged friends, but it is also an important component in making an area good for cockroaches. An even greater issue when it comes to pets is their food. Many pets will race to their dinner bowl as soon as food is placed in it and gobble it up in record time. If this is the case in your home, immediately pick up your pet’s bowl and wash it. Check around their feeding area to see if they left crumbs while they “wolfed down” their food. Even small crumbs left behind can be a big meal for a cockroach. If your pet is a grazer and slowly eats their food throughout the day contact your veterinarian to see if they recommend only placing the food down for a restricted amount of time. Some people may limit the amount of time their pet’s water bowl is out, but before you even consider limiting access to water make sure you carefully consult your veterinarian.
  3. Small crumbs from pet food may not be the only crumbs lurking in what appears to be a spotless house. Crumbs could be hiding in your pantry. Poorly sealed food storage containers are the culprit for many of the crumbs found on pantry shelves and in cabinets. It may not be realistic to decant all of your food into sturdy plastic or glass containers, but the more food you place is sturdy containers the less chance of crumbs seeping out. 

If you are careful about moisture and crumbs yet you still have cockroaches it is best to give us a call. Cockroaches are predominantly found near food sources and using over the counter pesticides from big box stores near your food is not a safe option. 

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