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Pests We Treat - Oil tank pipe protrusion thru foundation.

Oil tank pipe protrusion thru foundation.
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I first inspected the kitchen because I wanted to determine how they were gaining access to this area of the home. I observed droppings on the kitchen countertop. While looking for hidden access points, I pulled out the oven and found mouse droppings behind it. There was also a gas pipe that came up through the the floor. It was apparent that the mice had unrestricted access to come and go as they pleased into the kitchen using this pipe that emerged from the sub-flooring. I used some sealant to form a tight seal around the pipe to block this access point. (See photo of oil tank pipe protrusion through the foundation.) I sealed the gap. For good measure, I also sealed the plumbing pipe under the sink. I placed in a few snap traps in the kitchen as secondary traps.