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Pests We Treat Photo Album: Princeton, NJ Mouse Problem

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I was recently sent to a home in Princeton to resolve a rodent problem. The frustrated homeowner had contacted Cowleys because of a mouse infestation that seemed to be getting worse by the day. Upon arrival, the homeowner told me that he observed mouse activity in the kitchen and basement. This was not surprising to me. Mice typically enter homes through gaps and cracks in the foundation, making their way into the basement or crawl space. It doesn’t take much of an opening. As long as a mouse can poke its little head through an opening as small as the diameter of a dime, the rest of the body will follow. Once inside, mice will gravitate toward the kitchen because these scavenging pests are on a mission to find food. Having a mouse problem is more than a nuisance. It’s a full-out health hazard because they contaminate food and counter-tops with their urine and droppings that are filled with all sorts of dangerous pathogens.

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