Case Studies

Pests We Treat Case Studies: Hornet Nest Removal in Milltown, NJ

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 by Scott Dellett


As a homeowner, how often do you look up and inspect the eaves of your roof or your home’s soffit, that area enclosing the underside of that portion of the roof extending out beyond the home’s sidewalls. It may not be the most exciting thing to do, but from my experience as a pest control tech, I can tell you that there is often a lot of activity going on there, and it’s usually not for the good. The roof and its surrounding structures can be a hot bed of pest infestation for both insects and wildlife, especially if there are water drainage issues or damaged building materials or vents. During our regular home services, we're always looking up, down, and all around for signs of an infestation or conditions that would be conducive to pests. Just as important as resolving a current infestation is to proactively take measures to prevent future infestations. 

For a home in Milltown, this bald faced hornet just started building it's nest. These stinging insects know how to build nests quickly. After a week a so, the nest could be the size of a softball, and soon thereafter the size of a football. This nest in particular was on the side of the house that the homeowner rarely frequented. 


I chemically treated the nest. However, I did not immediately remove the nest because I wanted to allow the hornets away from the nest foraging some time to return and come into contact with the chemical. This small delay reduces the chance that those those hornets that happened to be away from the nest when the chemical was applied will rebuild a nest elsewhere on the property. Instead, I transform the nest as a chemical trap to kill those hornets that are still on the property.