Pests We Treat - Wasps Present Danger in Edison, NJ

Recently, I was sent to one of the residential communities in Edison, NJ, that is regularly serviced by Cowleys. A homeowner noticed wasps entering the building from the exterior exploiting a gap around a utility line and contacted the property manager. Often, over time, sealant around utility lines entering homes dissolves or wears away from the outdoor elements, giving insects and rodents an easy access point into the dwelling. Mice need only a 1/4 inch or so to squeeze through, while insects can enter through the tiniest of cracks and gaps that form around foundations. 

Summer is our peak season for wasp and other stinging insect infestations, and for those who are allergic to insect venom, it’s especially serious. Observing stinging insects around homes and other structures especially doorways and walkways where people are coming and going, it is critical that the infestation be resolved quickly. For this wasp infestation, I first applied a residual insecticide dust to the opening. As wasps come into contact with this dust, it will penetrate its exoskeleton and kill them. I wanted to give the application a couple of days to work. I returned two days later to seal the opening with copper mesh and silicone caulk. 

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