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Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ

Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ

Before After
Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ Those rats keep coming to home in Edison, NJ

I was recently sent to a home in Edison, NJ for a Cowleys home protection plan (HPP) scheduled service. The homeowner had issues with rodents around the home and I found out why she was concerned.

In my inspection, I found an exterior rodent bait station by the shed that was completely depleted from the last service. The interior rodent bait stations in the garage and crawl space were also empty.

After completing the service around the home I rebaited all the existing bait stations. I then performed a thorough inspection around the house to determine how the rodents were entering the structure. I found a sizable gap around the piping where the gas line was passing through the foundation. To close up this access point, I used a copper mesh material which does not rust or disintegrate like steel wool. 

Since this customer's rodent pressure was so high. I added an additional large rodent bait station (LP) to the exterior of the home.

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Scott Dellett, Residential Service Supervisor and Chris Fyfe, Senior Pest Control Technician at Cowleys Pest Services were recently certified as... [Read more]
In December 2016, Cowleys Pest Control Services was honored by an award for the "Best Case Studies” by Contractor Nation.... [Read more]
Angie’s List recognized Cowleys Pest Services as one of the top 5 percent of service companies who achieved and maintained... [Read more]
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Pest Elimination Professionals in Lakewood, NJ

Edison is part of Middlesex County and is located in central New Jersey. Edison is known for being the birthplace of inventor Thomas Edison, in which the town is named after him.

Ticks, stink bugs, bed bugs, termites, these are just a few of the pests that can be a potential burden to your home and your livelihood.  At Cowleys Pest Services, we specialize in the removal of these pests.  Our team of professionals is trained to notice the signs of certain pest infiltrations and eliminate them at the source.  Our company offers services in the removal of spiders, beetles, rodents, ants, bees & wasps among other nuances.

At Cowleys Pest Services, we have been serving the Lakewood area for over two decades.  We know how annoying pests can be and we know that sometimes you can’t solve your problem by yourself.  At Cowleys Pest Services, our professionals’ are annually trained in the most recent methods of pest removal, and they know exactly how to remove and eliminate the pests in your home.  We are here to help, if it crawls, flies, hops, slithers or any combination of the two and is in your home, don’t hesitate to call Cowleys Pest Services today for us to come out and take care of it. 

Pests We Remove in Lakewood:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Mosquitoes
  • Birds
  • Beetles
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Stink Bugs

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Case Studies From Edison
A few days ago, I was sent to a home in Edison, NJ to treat a termite infestation. The termite activity was in the wood siding in the front of the...
I was dispatched to an Edison residence after the homeowner had called Cowleys upon seeing a chipmunk scurrying about her kitchen. Squirrels are, by...
Job Stories From Edison, NJ
Wasps annoy and threaten community property residents.

One of our many communities I provide service to had a homeowner who was seeing wasps in her kitchen and bathroom. Once I arrived at the community in Edison I found the entry point behind the gutter. I showed Minal where the wasps were entering and told her once the dust application was done she should expect the wasps to be gone in a few days.

Here's how Cowleys services our many residential condo and apartment communities. Some properties have on site property managers and some don't. What happens most of the time is the property manager will call the work orders into our office. The office will then send the work order to me. We try and complete the work order the same day they come in. Once the job is completed we speak to the resident who experienced the issue, or leave a door hanger, giving as much information on what was done. I typically will follow up with the property manager and email them the service ticket as soon as the job is completed.

Work Requests From Edison, NJ
Avenue C in Edison
I have squirrels in and out of my attic and I need to get the access areas sealed off and my attic sanitized.
Loring Ave in Edison
We have mice in our attic. I places traps and killed a few last year but they came back. Another company placed poison down last year also but they are back again
Raspberry Court in Edison
Found bed bugs in the Hall, need quote for bed bug control .and guarantee provided
in Edison
Looking for a pest control plan , noticed bugs around home
Phillips Rd in Edison
We have snake in backyard, need to be removed
Phillip Dr in Edison
Need regular pest control. please call immediately.
Midwood Ave in Edison
Pest control in my house
Dayton Rd in Edison
Potentially rodents in the attic
Winter Street in Edison
I bought my home 5 years ago. During the home inspection, there was evidence of minor termite damage on a sill plate which was repaired, however there was no evidence of an active termite infestation. It has been 5 years since that inspection and I was just looking to see what the charge would be to come out and just perform a regular termite inspection.
Schubert Ave in Edison
Hi i am looking for Pest control service for my House and looking for estimates. Thanks Pankaj
Melbloum Lane in Edison
Having problems with two different kinds of ants.
in Edison
Bed bug heat treatment cost
Dayton Dr in Edison
Timber Oaks Rf in Edison
Need help with roaches issue
Penn Ave in Edison
We have these little black bugs that we are killing not sure with they are
Hamlin Rd in Edison
Birds are nesting in a vent in our roof overhang. (It's a flat roof and has vents on the bottom of the roof where it overhangs the house).
Blueberry Ct in Edison
Bed bugs
Bonnie Brook Ave in Edison
Termite inspection for purchase of a home.
Judson Street in Edison
Want to get rid of cockroaches.
Tived Lane in Edison
Having a problem with sugar ants in the kitchen, they are coming in under the windowsill in kitchen. This is the second season they appeared.
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