Pests We Treat - Huge hornets nest in Dayton, NJ

I was called to one of the condominium communities that we service in Dayton, NJ to treat a large hornets nest that had formed in an arborvitae near one of the units. Hornets are social insects that are highly territorial, and the workers can become quite aggressive if they feel an intruder is threatening the colony. Also, since their stingers aren’t barbed, a single wasp is capable of stinging multiple times. For those who are allergic to stinging insect venom, wasp or bee stings is a serious medical emergency.

The first short video shows the active hornets nest that I’ll be treating with a slow acting application. We use a non-repellent product so it is spread throughout the entire colony. We want to kill both the insects in the nest as well as the foraging wasps that will be returning. After the nest was treated, you can see agitated hornets swarming around the nest. These workers won’t just leave. They will stay and try to repair the nest. These insects will then come into contact with the application. The nest will become dormant in a couple of days, at which time, I’ll be able to safely remove it without risk of being stung. 

In the widget form, Tom said that he submitted the supporting text via email on 9/10, so I may have already done this. I also saw that you sent me another widget from Tom “hornet danger” I don’t know if this is part of the same job since one of the video clips said it was him returning to remove the nest. It’s a bit confusing if the videos and text are not sent as one consolidated document.