Pests We Treat - Hornets threaten condo community in Allentown, NJ

One of the many communities Cowleys services in Allentown, NJ called to have us remove a very threatening bald faced hornets nest from a tree in front of a condo. These hornets are very territorial and extremely aggressive when it comes to protecting their nest. Every moving object that passes the nest is a threat to the hornets. I was looking forward to the challenge!

I approached the tree in question very cautiously so I could assess the best way to remove and eliminate the threat. It's always wise to watch the flight path of the hornets as they enter and exit the nest. By doing so, I stay out of their line of sight and lessen the chance of a potential sting. I've been stung, it doesn't feel all. 

Once I was able the ascertain their flight path, I went back to my truck for my trusty bee pole, can of aerosol and the proper attachments to make the removal as safe as possible. I assembled my bee pole, which consists of an attachment that holds a spray can which can be activated by pulling a string from a safe distance. Safety is critical when dealing with stinging insects. I inserted the straw from the aerosol can into the opening of the nest and filled it with a fix that kills hornets within seconds. The fog releases and fills the nest very quickly, which is much needed when treating a hornets nest. 

Within 2 minutes the nest was no longer active and I was able to safely remove it. I always like to look at the inside of the nest once it's removed to see how sophisticated the hornets are when it comes to constructing the nest. The condo association was very appreciative and promised to call again if they see anymore hornets in their community.