Pests We Treat - Ants Take the Bait in Colonia, NJ

This past winter, the food supply for ants spoiled or depleted much earlier than usual because of the warm, dry weather we experienced. Since then, we’ve had a cooler wet spring. As a result, as we enter summer, ants have been unusually active and aggressively seeking food. We’ve had a large spike in calls from homeowners dealing with ant infestations. 

To resolve an ant infestation, you have to kill the queen and the rest of the colony. It is not enough to kill a few isolated foraging ants. One of the most effective ways to control and eliminate ant infestations is by employing a granular ant bait. Granular ant bait is brought back by the foraging ants to the colony, where it is shared and eaten by the reproducing queen and worker ants. This bait, in combination with a liquid application treatment available to pest control applicators, virtually ensures that the ant population is knocked down quickly.

In the first part of this video from a homeowner in Colonia, NJ ants can be seen trailing along the foundation. 

In the second part, you can actually observe ants transporting the granular bait back to the colony almost immediately after I set the bait. Ants just love this stuff, and even better, they love sharing it with the rest of the colony!

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