A Closer Look at Canada Geese

Friday, April 3rd, 2020 by Drew Cowley

Canada Geese

Canada Geese are big waterbirds with a long neck, large body, large webbed feet, and wide, flat bill. They vary in size from anywhere between 29 to 43 inches, with a wingspan between 50 to 70 inches and have a black head with white cheeks and chinstrap, black neck, tan breast, and brown back. They are often seen in flight moving in pairs or flocks, usually in a V formation.

Canada geese usually begin nesting at three years of age and once they pick a mate, they stay together for life! They only way the pick another mate is if their mate dies. Their nesting season begins in March, April, and/or May, during which that time removal of their nest isn't permitted (which is why timing is everything)!

They build their nest with grass and plant material and line it with feather and typically nest on the ground on islands and shorelines. The female selects the site, does much of nest construction and does all the incubation while her mate guards her and the nest.

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