Pests We Treat - Yellow Jackets Find Home in Lavallette, NJ

Yellow Jackets are social pests consisting of hunters, workers, queens, and males. Colonies only last a year with only pregnant queens overwintering. Pregnant queens are found in covered places like trees, stumps, and soffit areas. Queens show themselves In the spring or early summer, Find a nesting area, than build a nest so they can lay eggs. After eggs hatch from the the nest, the queen feeds the young larvae for about 3 weeks. Larvae pupate, then emerge later as small, infertile females called workers. Come summer, the first adult workers exit the nest so they can begin working on expansion.

The diet of the yellow jacket is carbohydrate based. Nectar, pollen and sap are typically favored as a food source. As the nest grows, their demand for more food increases. It's very important to keep in mind that when picking landscape for your home, stay away from high carbohydrate flowers. The more flowers you have, the more potential for bees to frequent your property.

The best course of action if you stumble upon bees of any kind is too call Cowleys pest services, like this homeowner in Lavallette, NJ did. Having a trained professional assess the situation will save you many bee stings! Ouch! Not all bees are treated equally. Honey bees for example should be dealt with by a bee keeper who will come and relocate them. While we at Cowleys love taking care of all pest issues, it's also our responsibility to help save the honey bee population. If bees or wasps are posing a threat to you or your family, that's a different story. We will gladly assist you in the elimination.