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Before and After Pictures from Lavallette
TAP insulation provides comfort and extra energy savings in Lavallette home

TAP insulation provides comfort and extra energy savings in Lavallette home

Before After
TAP insulation provides comfort and extra energy savings in Lavallette home TAP insulation provides comfort and extra energy savings in Lavallette home

This Lavallette homeowner had used Cowelys to resolve her chronically damp dirty crawl space. We “cleanspaced” her crawl space with an encapsulation system developed by Basement Systems, the leader in encapsulation technology.  She was impressed by not only the transformation of her crawl space into a clean dry foundation, but also by the added energy efficiency. She was thrilled that there were no more cold floors above the crawl space during the winter! Based on her experience, she hired us again. This time, she asked us to improve her home’s energy efficiency by adding a 4" cap of our TAP insulation in her attic. Our insulation is a blown-in loose-fill cellulose insulation with exceptional Thermal, Acoustical (sound-deadening), and Pest Control (“TAP”) properties. Pest Control? Yes! TAP paper fibers are treated with a borate solution that, while harmless to people and pets, is lethal to a variety of insects including ants, beetles, and termites. 

The photos show the attic before and after our installation of the TAP insulation. With this added blown-in insulation, we were able to seal those small nooks and crannies that are missed with fiberglass batt blanket insulation. Batt insulation, which comes in rolls, while easy to install, is not effective at stopping air from infiltrating through gaps and cracks. With this TAP home improvement, this Lavallette homeowner will enjoy significant savings on her heating and cooling bills over the coming years.


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My husband and I believe in word of mouth recommendations. When we needed an exterminator in Ocean county we asked...
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Here at Cowleys Pest Services we not only adhere to the highest pest control standards, our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience and service in Lavallette and nearby NJ.

From your first phone call through treatment and follow-up we at Cowleys Pest Services pledge to give you great customer service while fixing your pest problem.

Since 1991, we have been treating a wide variety of pests, bedbugs, insects and rodents -- just contact us to get more details on your home or building's issue. Take advantage of our expertise to get rid of unwanted pests or animals in your Lavallette, NJ home.

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At Cowleys Pest Services we also have pest control plans where we routinely inspect your home or building and apply needed solutions ahead of developing a recurring pest problem. Our pest service plans have different levels too, to best suit your needs that you can change over time if needed. From our Green Service Plan to our Platinum Service Plan, we'll keep your home pest-free.

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One of our residential customers in Lavallette had contacted Cowleys because of a massive nuisance bird problem. Seagulls and pigeons were leaving...
Cowleys offers an array of specialized home improvements in addition to pest and wildlife control. Our home improvements focus on water and moisture...
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Boxelder bugs invade commercial building exterior in Lavallette

The transition into fall brings cooler temperatures, and the cooler weather is a trigger for numerous types of bugs and beetles start looking for a warm and dry harborage (our homes!) in which to overwinter and escape the harsh outdoor elements. One of the more common unwanted overwintering nuisance invaders is the Boxelder bug. These bugs are so-named because these they are a common pest of female seed-bearing boxelder tree. Often, when I tell a customer that they have a boxelder bug infestation and I explain that a “boxelder” is a type of tree, the usual response is that they never heard of that type of tree let alone have one on their property — and unless you are an arborist, most of us could not identify a boxelder tree even if one of its tree limbs fell on us! Even though these bugs feed primarily on the seeds of boxelder trees, they are not selective. These bugs have no issues infesting maple and ash trees, which are more commonly found. When overwintering, these pests often invade structures by the hundreds. They find their way inside by pushing through every available crack or crevice they can find. Although these bugs do not breed inside, their sheer numbers can be overwhelming to the occupants.

While performing my monthly service on one of my commercial accounts, I observed many Boxelder bugs on and around the building.
Boxelder bugs have similar behavior to the dreaded sting bug. Both seek to overwinter in warm, dry areas of a home or building. A favorite area of infestation of overwintering bugs is the attic where they like to tuck themselves under the insulation away from view.

The best way to control these pests is by taking preventative steps to exclude them from getting inside the structure in the first place. All cracks around the building should be caulked and any visible entry points should be sealed. However, despite taking these steps, these persistent bugs can still weasel their way inside. It is virtually impossible to make a building completely impermeable to insects. With this commercial customer, there was a heavy active infestation despite taking precautions. I applied a treatment around the building’s exterior perimeter of the structure to repel as many of these unwanted invaders as possible. The treatment substantially reduced the boxelder bug population, and this customer will experience far fewer bugs inside the structure.


Boxelder bugs invade commercial building exterior in Lavallette - Photo 1
Work Requests From Lavallette, NJ
Vicinity of Hialeah Drive in Lavallette
The house is a 900 SF ranch with a small crawls space. The ducts in the crawl space are not insulated and I am loosing a lot of my cool air.
Vicinity of Pershing Blvd in Lavallette
We have been getting baby ants all over our kitchen area for a few weeks now and it started before the construction outside for a pool and paved walkways. We also have a million gnats Each night, if that's even something we can combat.
Vicinity of Camden Avenue in Lavallette
I think I may have a mole in my yard
Vicinity of OCALA CT in Lavallette
Vicinity of Venice Drive in Lavallette
We have birds roosting in our new deck awning. They make a filthy mess and we are sure they will be back soon. There is no evidence of a nest. They just like to sit and poop. Hoping you can help. Thank you.
Vicinity of Trenton Ave in Lavallette
Water damage