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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Wasps try to hide in rock wall - Wasp removal & control in Kendall Park, NJ

Friday, September 23rd, 2016 by Bill Cowley


Cowleys was contacted by a Kendall Park homeowner to remove a wasp nest. The attached images show the process of locating, treating, and removing a wasp nest located within a rock wall. 


Killing off a wasp nest can be tricky business. The occupants of these nests are often nasty and aggressive. And it’s a safe bet that they’ll vehemently resist any effort to kill them by stinging — often en masse — the living daylights our of anyone who dares to disrupt their family abode. I applied an aerosol that kills on contact initially, followed by a liquid treatment in the area which has a long lasting residual to prevent further nesting/activity.

Generally, those wasps that are aggressive stingers are the territorial “social” ones that live in large colonies like paper wasps and yellow jackets, not those that live a solitary lifestyle like mud daubers. Wasps will construct their nests most anywhere — in the ground, in trees, under eves, inside wall voids and attics, and as shown by this Kendall Park home, even in rock walls!