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Pests We Treat Case Studies: The Roof is Full of Ants in Neptune, NJ

Monday, August 24th, 2020 by Alfonso Reyes


After this homeowner in Neptune, NJ noticed several ants emerging out of the skylight in her bathroom, she called our office and I was sent out to investigate. 

When I arrived, I inspected the bathroom and found a long trail of odorous house ants trailing from the exhaust fan and the skylight. Odorous house ants are small, fast ants that give off a rotten coconut smell when they’re crushed or startled. I decided to do some additional detective work and inspect the roof area above the bathroom. Good thing I did, because I found the main colony of odorous house ants nesting underneath a portion of the skylight that was severely water damaged.

Odorous house ants, as well as all ants, enter homes in search of two things: food and moisture. The moisture-damaged skylight and all the leaf debris on the roof were creating the perfect harborage areas for the ants. 


I informed the homeowner what I found and advised her to prevent any future pest issues, she needs to get the skylight repaired ASAP. I was happy to hear that she will call her brother-in-law, who is a roofer, to fix that area. Now to get rid of the ants!

I treated the roof area and inside the bathroom with a non-repellent residual and an ant gel bait. The ants will come in contact with either of these products and transfer them throughout their colony, which will rapidly eliminate them.