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Pests We Treat Case Studies: Ants Exterminated in Toms River, NJ

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 by Daniel Jacobs


A homeowner in Toms River, NJ called Cowleys after finding a massive amount of ants piled up on her front stoop. In order to fix the problem on her own, she sprayed the infestation with a store-bought pest application. Although it did eliminate the ants on the outside, it actually made the situation worse because the homeowner was now having ants on the inside of her home!

Once I arrived and conducted a thorough inspection, I came across the massive buildup of expired ants on the front stoop and found more of the ants trailing along the side of the home. I followed their trail to a small crack underneath the siding of the building, which is how the ants were able to get into the home and found their main colony underneath a stone in the mulch bed. 

Using store-bought pest products may seem like a good idea, but they always make the problem worse. Those products are a repellant and actually force the pests to stay away from the area that was treated and infest other areas of your property.


I treated the entire exterior of the home with a liquid residual and treated all the mulch and landscape beds with a granular bait. With the homeowner's permission, I went inside and treated the area where the ants were found and the two adjacent rooms with the liquid residual and applied an ant gel bait in all the cracks and corners of the room.

These treatments are a non-repellant and once the ants come in contact with any of these treatments, they'll bring it back to their nest and transfer it among one another, including their queen, either through grooming or feeding. These treatments then spread like a virus throughout the nest and in a short amount of time, the entire colony is exterminated.