Case Studies

Pests We Treat Case Studies: Exterminators in Freehold, NJ

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 by Tom Hayes


A new residential client in Freehold, NJ contacted Cowleys after noticing a large number of bees on the side of his home. We began our inspection and immediately noticed several bees boring underneath the soffit. After we took a closer look, we identified these bees as carpenter bees. Carpenter bees are solitary, wood destroying pests. They don’t eat wood, like termites do, but instead bore holes to form galleries in which to lay their eggs. Female carpenter bees have a stinger but aren’t aggressive unless provoked while the males are aggressive, but don’t have a stinger.

Carpenter bees prefer unfinished wood, so the area behind the fascia board is ideal for them to create galleries because it is protected from the weather. If a carpenter bee gallery is identified and left untreated the bees will return year after year and continue boring into the wood, causing significant property damage. 


For treatment, we’re going to apply a residual application along the soffit and the entire exterior of the home. This application will target the carpenter bees and not only eliminate them, but also eliminate the eggs in the gallery as well. Next, to prevent the bees from gaining access to the area behind the fascia boards, we installed an exclusion strip. The homeowner was happy knowing that his home is now free from destructive carpenter bees.