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Sealing an Entry Point for Mice in Somerville, NJ

Recently, I was sent out on a service call to one of the condominium complexes we service in Somerville, NJ for a mice problem. When I arrived, I inspected the interior of the home and found mice droppings in the laundry room and office. I then inspected the exterior of the unit and, within minutes, I was able to find the entry point! There was a giant gap where the utility wires were leading into the home. 

I carefully cleaned up all the droppings inside the home, stuffed all the openings with chew-proof stainless steel mesh, and then sealed them in place with a premium, waterproof adhesive. Lastly, I placed several Ready-to-Use rodent bait stations throughout the interior and along the exterior of the building. I'll return for several follow-up visits to monitor the rodent infestation and replenish the bait stations as needed.


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