Pests We Treat - Bed Bugs Found in Cushion in Hazlet, NJ Home

Recently, Cowleys received a call from a homeowner in Hazlet, NJ. She was at her wit’s end with an on-going bed bug issue. Another pest control service seemed unable to resolve the problem after multiple visits, and she was frustrated beyond belief. A co-worker recommended Cowleys because we successfully treated a bad bug infestation for her. She wanted this infestation resolved one and for all. 

Upon arrival, a two-person team of bed bug specialists conducted a thorough inspection of the home. It is critical to know the scope of the infestation — what rooms are infested and the level of infestation in those rooms — in order to determine the optimal treatment plan. You have to be systematic and thorough since bed bugs hide in the smallest of places. It is essential to lift up and look under any bedding and upholstered furniture. We inspected the bedrooms and found some minimal bed bug activity in the master suite. Although bed bugs commonly hide in and around mattresses and bed bugs, they can be found anywhere that human hosts like to sleep or rest. We began inspecting the living room couch. My observant partner found a large adult bed bug and two almost microscopic nymphs nesting in the seam along the zipper of the couch cushion. The adult just had a blood meal and was fully engorged. this was the problem — the other service had limited their treatment to the bedrooms, and most of the bed bug activity was in the living room. We began treatment in the living room by vacuuming up all of the adults an nymphs. Properly performed inspections are critical with any pest infestation, but with bed bugs, the inspection is especially important. With bed bugs, fully understanding the situation is a prerequisite for a successful result.