Pests We Treat - Tiny bed bugs play hide and seek in Fords, NJ

"Why am I getting bitten whenever I take a nap on my couch?" 

That was the first question I was asked after greeting a new Cowleys client at her home. This frustrated homeowner was at wit’s end. She had not seen a single insect, yet she knew this mysterious infestation was not a product of her imagination. It was very real. All she had to do was look at the unexplained bites on her neck, hands, and arms. She told me that she felt invaded and threatened by these insects and giving in her own home sheer was sheer misery. I was determined to bring her relief.

I asked her to lead me to the couch that she suspected of being infested, so I could get a closer look. One I saw the light beige-colored couch, I started to connect the dots. For an untrained eye, finding bedbugs on a light-colored couch can be a challenge — there are certain chameleon-like colors where insects blend in. And for older people with diminished eyesight, it’s next to impossible to find any bugs on certain colored fabrics, let alone the tiny nymphs or eggs.

As a trained bedbug specialist, I know those “hot spot” places to carefully inspect on every piece of furniture. Bedbugs are creatures of habit when it comes to locating harborage areas. And with couches, the seams are a bedbug favorite. I lifted the couch and placed it on its back. Sure enough, I hit he proverbial jack pot. Bedbugs! Finding bedbugs is both good news and bad news.  The bad news, of course, is telling the homeowner that there is a bedbug infestation. The good news is that once you’ve discovered the problem, you can effectively deal with it.

I showed the homeowner what I found, and the source of her bites. Needless to say, the news was upsetting an she was horrified that bedbugs found her way into her home. I let her know that bedbug infestations are resolvable and I promised her that I would work until her home was bedbug-free. From my experience, as long as I have the cooperation of the homeowner, bedbugs don’t stand a chance. 

It was time to get busy! I grabbed my HEPA vacuum and began to thoroughly vacuum the seams of the couch. Afterwards, I applied a safe, effective liquid product to the seams to kill any eggs left behind.  I scheduled a follow-up visit in two-weeks to re-inspect and determine the effectiveness of the first treatment. I’m always eager for these return visits to see the results. I’m confident that her bedbug problem will soon be gone and she will no longer wake up to any more bites. 

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