Pests We Treat - Severe bed bug infestation removal and control in Belford, NJ

Today I was dispatched to a very active bed bug infestation that a client of ours discovered in one of her rental properties in Belford, NJ. The bed bug infestation was very severe and the activity was what we at Cowley's consider a "High Level bed bug infestation". The client was horrified by the discovery but I assured her that I would do everything in my power to eliminate this problem form the home. 

After a thorough inspection the bed bug infestation was confined to one bedroom. The bed bug population was very active and they were on the run from the moment I lifted the mattress off of the box spring. With my vacuum in hand I quickly went to work on sucking the live activity up. I spent nearly 90% of the time I was there vacuuming. Once I felt that all the live activity was vacuumed I began the product application to all the crack and crevice areas of the bedroom furniture, baseboards and various nesting areas. 

I advised the client to throw out all the furniture as soon as the chemical application dried. She assured me that everything would be removed. I'll be going back in 2 weeks to assess the situation and can't wait to see the results.