Pests We Treat - Steaming bed bugs dead in Iselin, NJ

This video shows a bed bug treatment done in home in Iselin, NJ.

Live bed bug activity was found on the mattress and box spring in the master bedroom. After the all the rooms and contents have been thoroughly inspected our treatment starts with vacuuming any live bed bug activity we discovered. We followed this thorough inspection with the use of a commercial grade steamer applied to all cracks and crevices of common hiding areas such as on mattresses, bed frames and other bedroom and living room furniture. Steaming  bed bugs is highly effective for surface bugs, as well as targeting bugs that are up to 3/4” in the fabric. 

Mattress and box spring encasements are installed on the beds to prevent reinfestation. Bed leg monitors are then placed where applicable and a light chemical application to these areas.

A two week followup is then scheduled. During this visit we will conduct a thorough inspection and then we apply an additional chemical application to areas of concern.